Pioneer 111D HELP! Power Calibration Error

Hey everyone. Ok so here is my situation. I bought the Pioneer DVR 710 (111D) a few months ago. It was my first DVD burner and after it was installed, everything was great. I literally was able to back up over 100 DVD’s with no problems. I am running Windows XP, and I was using 1ClickDVD Copy v. One day during burning, I received a power calibration error when the burning was starting. I am using, and always have been using SONY DVD+R 16x as my media and prior to this had no problems. I formatted my harddrive, reinstalled Windows XP, reinstalled 1ClickDVD Copy, and I still get the same message. The only thing I notice that is different is when the drive was first installed, there was some sort of Virtual DVD Drive that showed up and now it is gone. Any suggestions…? Please help. Very frustrated.

This is WORM media, so everytime you use one you are using a different one, even if it labelled the same.
What counts is the MID/mediacode.

Where do I find that? Also, I tried Verbatim as well since other posts have suggested trying that and still same Power Calibration Error

Wow, not sure how any of that relates to the drive complaining it can’t adjust the laser to work with your media?! Guess that would be frustrating process.

You can use DVDInfoPro to determine the Media ID.

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BTW, runs the drive in UDMA4 mode?

I wonder if the drive is just shot, although I don’t see how since it is only a couple months old. Yes the drive is in UDMA4 mode.

Any thoughts about the virtual DVD drive that used to show up? For instance, My Computer showed drive D:SAMSUNG, (Virtual DVD DRIVE, don’t know if drive was assigned or not), E:PIONEER DVD-RW

That is not that important.

Use the devicemanager.

Well there could be some crud in the lens, the laser diode could be burned out, or there could be a power supply problem. Or it could just be poor media as previously indicated, but you haven’t provided a Media ID.

So you could try cleaning the lense with a blast of clean compressed air, and you could try the drive in another system and see if the problem follows the drive.

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Media is SONY 16x DVD+R. I have burned about 200 DVD copies so far on this media with the Pioneer writer, using 1ClickDVD Copy and have had zero problems. I may just go buy another drive and try that out.

Look we don’t care what it says on the label, the thing that matters is what code is embedded on the media because that’s the one the drive can read. Different batches of disc may well be different. Different spindles from the same store shelf might be different, especially if they were purchased weeks apart. It has been known for discs on the same spindle to vary in quality. It could well be that the ones that worked are totally different from the ones that are now failing, but unless you compare them no one is going to known.

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vanperre98 -

What is so difficult to use DVDInfo as suggested by TheDangerousBros in posting #4 and provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the DVD Media?

You are only assuming that each and every SONY 16x DVD+R DVD is exactly the same DVD Media you have been using previously. As TheDangerousBros is attempting to explain the ONLY way to known what DVD Media you are actually using is to check and compare the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) by using DVDInfo (, DVD Identifier ( or similar program.

If you are having difficulty understand the importance of the MID below are two Web Links that explain what DVD MID is ->,23.msg80.html#msg80


In my experience with Pioneer drives, power calibration error = dead drive very soon, just drop £25 on a new one or return it for a repair

Mustnt be the case.
Simple cleaning could make things look different.

I certainly hope you’re correct, Chef. I started having occasional NEC-type spiking problems with my Pio recently. But I just cleaned it and am hoping that will cure the problem. :confused:

Well I went and bought a new DVD writer and hooked it up and haven’t had any problems burning. I have done about 20 using the same Sony DVD+R media as well as some Verbatim DVD+R’s. Guess the drive was just shot. Thanks for the help.

Good that you have solved the puzzle.