Pioneer 111D hates +R?

My 111D@111L 8.29 seems to hate +R.
Any +R disc from many different brands, incl. Verbatim MCC004 burnt 8x always have lots of PIF errors. My DVD player seems to work much harder reading any +R burnt by my Pio.
But it seems to love -R so much, because any -R brand burnt 8x always got a great score. And my DVD player seems to like it too.

Is this a general character of Pio ?

My Pio 111d - flashed to a 111L - burns these MCC004s at 12x very well indeed.

Scanning with my Benq 1650 shows a very nice burn, never tried scanning on the Pio as it’s far from the best at that , giving much higher PIE/PIF figures.

the drive might be defective. i burn MCC 004 media on my pio 111D and get always very good scan results with the same drive. actually, i get good results with almost any +R and -R media

111D not too shabby for a cmc disk.

Your problem with MCC 004 might just be a bad batch.
My PIO 111D @8.29 always did great with them until recently.
I grabbed four bad spindles from Best Buy.
I’m getting 50% coasters now. They burn slightly better in my Plex 760, but still not good.
When I burn a TO2 in the PIO, the burn is excellent.

I think you might be right. I bought another spindle MCC004, and it burns well, 97-98% most of the time. But still I find my Pio is not very friendly with other +R media which usually burns all right with my old BenQ 1620. I tried TDK +R 16x , TDK +R 8x, Ridata +R 4x, Fujifilm +R 16x, Maxell +R 16x, BenQ +R 16x, and several others, and they all burnt very badly…not a coaster, but very bad. Only this new spindle of MCC004 seems to burn well now.

Hey Serville:

Check your “bad” MCC004 discs. I suspect you may have gotten a hold of the newer discs that start with PAP6 serial numbers instead of the older high quality PAPA serial number discs. Unfortunately, theres no way to tell before you buy. Purchasing Verbatim DVD+R’s is a risky move right now.

To find out for sure, look at the clear center of the disc and check out the serial number. If it starts PAP6, you have discs that are known to be lower quality and at least have some bad batches. If it starts PAPA then your OK, those are the traditional Verbatim discs and should be high quality.

In my personal opinion based on my own experiences, the PAP6 discs are junk with about a 25% burn failure rate and an additional 25% of burns ending up resulting in an unplayable disc (PIE/PIF errors) - others have reported better luck with the PAP6 spindles, so if nothing else we can say its a mixed bag of results.

Details here and also my own personal experience here

Hope this helps!

Interesting. I just checked my Verbatim. The bad burnt disc is in fact PAP. The new one which burns well is PAPA. So, I guess there must be some truth about PAP vs PAPA. I also have Verbatim DVD+R MCC003, also badly burnt with my Pio , and it has serial 6210E0424+02976C21. As I find my Pio is so fussy with +R media, I only buy -R now. I just bought BenQ 1800 yesterday, and it should be here today. I hate the fact that I’m limited to -R for realiable burn with my Pio, so I think another BenQ will probably give me more flexibility.

All I burn with my Pio is +r media and I have not had a single problem that you are describing. Could it be a bad drive?

Actually that model of BenQ is a Lite-On LH-18A1P/20A1P. Same hardware and cross flashable.

Keep us up to date with your new BenQ 1800 - post some scans for us once you get it!

For what its worth I reproduced my bad burns on the Verbatim DVD+R PAP6 discs on a Pioneer 111L, LiteON 20A1P, NEC 3520 and BenQ1650 so I dont think the BenQ will “save” those discs since I am convinced its just horrid media, but I’m sure it will produce great results on other quality media.