Pioneer 111D FW 1.19 or 1.23

I just bought a new Pioneer 111D and it comes with firmware 1.19.

I saw that there is official firmware 1.23 available. What are the improvements does 1.23 has over 1.19? Which is more stable and gives a better burn? Do most people prefer 1.19 or 1.23?

Should I flash it to 1.23? I will mainly burn DVD-R and some CD-R.

Sorry for a very newbie questions, and would appreciate any advice.
Thank you.

Here are changes in the 111D 1.23 f/w:

Supports New 8x DVD-R DL Media (8x writing:MKM)
Supports New 8x +RW Media (3.3x writing:RITEK)
CD-R Writability has improved.
CD-RW Writability has improved.
DVD Readability has improved
CD Readability has improved
Supports reading on 16x DVD-RAM Media (RAM2 Media)

You may find the upgrade worthwhile if you plan to burn CD-Rs.

I hope no one minds if i add on to this, but after reading all around i noticed that lots of people were cross flashing their drives to the 111L for the lightscribe ability. I was wondering if i already upgraded my 111D to 1.23 could i still cross flash it to 111L at a later date?

Thanks for the information!

Yeah it should be possible.

Well it’s certainly not going to give you LIGHTSCRIBE.

You should be able to cross flash from any given version without a problem.

Brother Vlad

Sorry i ment lableflash. My mistake. Thanks for the replies however, especially seeing who they are from.

Thanks for all the help guys.