Pioneer 111D - Firmware v1.23

I’ve recently purchased this drive and updated the firmware to the above and am a bit concerned about the drop in speed when burning discs.

As you can see it picks up well and then drops suddenly before it maintains an approx speed of 8x.

Is this normal or should I be using a different firmware ?

The DVD Media is a Traxdata Ritek G05 -R disc - 8x


The Pioneer 111 is one of the best drives around. Ritek G05 is one of the worst media still made today. Your image didn’t come through, but in any case you want to try another media.

It’s strange why the screenshot did not appear :frowning:

Basically it showed the writer moving from 0 to 6x and then was stable for a few seconds and then dropping suddenly to 0.3x and then picked up immediately to 8x and was stable then throughout the burn.

Is this common??

Regarding better media - what would suggest?

Is this the image?

Burn at 8x or 4x and make sure your setup is correct. 109/110/111 need special treatment on the install part. Many posts on this.

Good luck.

Sorry/I did not notice -R media. I have had very poor results with cheap -R media and sporadic results with good -R media. Some people on this forum could not get this drive to burn -R media and had to RMA it.

Burn the cheap -R media at 4X and not a full disk. Works for me.

My 111D does the same thing, but in my case it’s only with the MIS MCC-003 stockpile I’ve had sitting around for a couple of years. It doesn’t do it with the other two SL media I use, T02-000 and MCC-004.

Around the .4 GB mark the drive spins all the way down past 1x before speeding back up to 8x. I don’t know if it thinks the MCC-003 is junk media, but I’ve nothing but great burns on it with an ND-2510, PX-712A, DW-1640, PX-716A, DW-1650, and now a DVR-111D, and I haven’t noticed any degredation over the past two years. Maybe it’s just the way the 111D attacks certain media?

Here’s a scan of MCC-003 that burned with the weird spin-down. The other scans didn’t slow down during the burn. All these were burned at 8x on a 111D@111L 8.26 INT.

Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile:

Yes it was the image

I’ll read through the threads to find the correct way to set this up as I was concerned that it would just end giving me coasters.

I also have a NEC 2500/2510 (modded) and that has always given be good results and was just an upgrade for this model.

@tropic the burns from all 3 recorders are all fairly similar - maybe I should try using one of the INT firmware updates.

Thanks for the input.