Pioneer 111d firmware help

Hi all

I have recently purchased a pioneer 111d which came with 1.23 firmware now looking around the web the best firmware to use with clone to backup 360 stuff is version 1.19 the problem is how do I downgrade in easy steps?

assasin10 -

Suggest visiting the TDB Web Site for Pioneer DVR-111 for series Firmware ->

For information on the various Firmware available for the Pioneer series suggest reviewing the below Web Link. The below Forum Posting is quite long but provides detailed information on getting the optimal performance from your Pioneer DVR-111D ->



You don’t need to. As far as I know your version should also work.

Downgrade for what??

Thanks for your sensibile reply I have now managed to downgrade successfully to 119 and no more coaster all working great @ chef what are you smoking cause we all want some dude :wink:

Haha, downgrading makes no sense here, believe me.

surely it does when it works and in this instance this has 100%

Both that firmwares are obsolete, you probably haven’t seen that.

crossflash to Buffalo 111L 8.29 on TDB site and forget about it.

ps. why would you downgrade to 1.19 when you can upgrade to 1.29 (if you want to stick with stock f/w). Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Thanks Been Trying To Find A Site With Firmware Which Allows You To Downgrade & Vice Versa… Thanks

how can i crossflash my pionner 111d (v1.29) to the 111L 8.29 ? and this will really improve anything(x360)? thanks.

Have you even read the other posts??