Pioneer 111d causing burning errors

Hi everyone! I´ve been reading the forums for sometime, but now i’ve registered to ask for your help.

On dic 06, my previous burner(pioneer 110d) started to fail randomly. Mainly by Invalid command and Invalid block address. I took my vacations on january and came back thinking my drive had died. I replaced it with the pioneer 111d, but i have the same problems again.

Meanwhile I’ve:

-Reinstaled winxp
-tried diferent media, and the one that i’ve have been using (verbatim -r 16x) from another bulk
-defragmented HDDs
-Tried nvidia’s nforce and xp’s original ATA drivers
-reinstaled nero 7 (even the errors also appear on dvddecripter, although they’re only warnings and the burn ends succesfully)
-Updated firmware to v1.29

but the errors continue. (some of the disks burn ok though). The only thing I think is left to try is another ide cable…

I 've checked the dma status on my pc, and i think its ok. Eventhough nero doesn’t seem to recognise it.

I attach two different nero logs with the errors and the info from nero’s infotool.
My system is a athlon xp64 3000, dfi lanparty nf4 and 1gbRAM.

Thank you in advance and please ask me for other info i’ve might ommited.

Replace the ide cable with a new one.

And update Nero as the first few issues of V7 were rather buggy.