Pioneer 111d burns badly?



i have burned some dvd discs on my pioneer 111d and here are the scanning results performed with philips. i don’t know what to think. earlier discs burned with the same pioneer are very beautiful. or maybe my pioneer doesn’t like ricoh media?


The MCC004 disks are amongst the best you can get & the 111 does burn them very nicely.

I think you’ve answered your own question really. Stick to quality media.


Nothing wrong with the drive, most likely the media!


I’ve noticed that pioneer scan results is much more better than philips scans. i have heard that pioneer is not best choice to scan discs btw.

ok, now i tried scan TDK media. This is multi-session disc. first session has burned in oct 2006 and second session today. Increase of PI errors over the disc is quite smooth, does this mean that the media is little bit crap? by the way, first session size is 2,25 GB. Any suggestions more?


well, i don’t think that TDK is crap, because TDK002 is 1st class media, check to overview. i’m afraid that something is wrong with my pioneer. btw, the philips which i used for scanning is little bit silly :confused:


I don’t know how good the Philips is at scanning but the Pioneer is sort of OK. It tends to be very slow but is indicative of a good or bad burn.

I don’t know what firmware version you’re using but it really should be 1.29


I wouldn’t take what’s on that website as gospel - I’d listen to the opinions of other members here first :wink:


That Philips laptop drive probably isn’t suitable for Disc Quality scanning. Isn’t it a QSI SDW-082 rebadge? In that case, forget it - get a Lite-On 6S-series instead if you want to scan & compare with what you see here. :slight_smile:


I second TimC’s comment that you should be using the latest 1.29 firmware if you want to keep it a 111D.

The problem is your trust in that digitalfaq website which is quite old and the opinion of that single writer only so I fully agree with Arachne :iagree: I don’t trust that site personally but rather the opinions of a few smart, experienced posters here at CDFreaks. If you read through the various media forums here (and elsewhere) you’ll find that TDK is definitely (and sadly) not first class media anymore!! Consider either 8X/16X Verbatim DVD+R or 8X/16X Taiyo Yuden +/-R media if you want the best media for the Pioneer 111D. You have nothing to lose by trying!!! Poor media is typically the blame for problems with the various types of Pioneer 111 type of burner. Good luck!!


Firmware is already 1.29. and if we talk about this laptop philips drive, then it is really same as QSI SDW-082 :Z
btw, almost all scans performed with pioneer give me quite similar results which is comparable with MCC 004 media result


To be sure its not the drive/cable, I would try with another batch first.
Besides, why would you use Multisession on DVD?


i used multisession, because i burned backups, and there left many free space on the last disc


I prefer DVD-RAM, RW media, DAT-Streamer or external HDD space for such things.


Multisession is fine until you start using names with non-standard Latin characters (e.g. German Umlauts or Cyrillic alphabet). In that case first session should go fine, but the following session will render the disc useless, because all your files with such non-standard names will get quackochaffinch-names lol :bigsmile:, like шыкрпшыр - шыупшуыпуып.mp3 :a

Nevertheless, multisession can be useful sometimes.