Pioneer 111D - $28.99 shipped at, LG H42N $29.99 shipped

Great price on a good burner. I have one and while it’s not my favorite (prefer my Benqs), it is a very good burner.

They also have the LG GSA-H42N for $29.99 shipped, which is also a very good burner from what I’ve read.

The Pioneer 111D is also flashable to a 111L with TDB firmware in case someone by chance doesn’t know that yet. Not likely on here though. :wink: 111L has automatic bitsetting to DVD-ROM for all +R media types, whereas the 111D will only bitset by default the +R dual layer media.

And also adds support for DVD-RAM and LabelFlash (though LF is of limited use and is only supported by certain versions of Nero). Probably worth crossflashing for bitsetting alone though.

Is the DVD-RAM support for 5x or 12x? Not that 12x is too important as we can’t find that anywhere in the States.

5x, though as you mention 12x is, unfortunately, a feature that we cannot use in the U.S. anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here in Egypt 12X RAM burners are flooding the market (LG and Samsung) , but the highest speed media available is 3X :bigsmile:

Pioneer 111D (or better xflashed to 111L) is an excellent burner for “quality” media , I also found it to be an excellent reader :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve never actually seen even 5x media in any stores, just 3x. And most online media retailers sell very little or no DVD-RAM media either. Fortunately here in the U.S. you can order up to 5x DVD-RAM direct from Panasonic’s website and the prices are better than anywhere else, online or local, and free shipping as well.

Great price on a great burner. Personally I absolutely love mine and wouldn’t trade it for any other. :wink:

I recommend the Pioneer 111 if you need a burner, especially for backing up games.

Here’s what i have ordered. With shipping from CA to MO makes them a little less than $3 USD a piece. Maybe you can have your brother ship you some? 5X is the fastest i’ve found in the states. I’m sure the reviewers have the good 12X stuff.

which is better, the LG or Pioneer? i’m mainly using verbs and ty’s media, and i got 2 benqs for scanning. DL’s is all verbs lol

The LG is out of stock at this time.

which is better, the LG or Pioneer? i’m mainly using verbs and ty’s media, and i got 2 benqs for scanning. DL’s is all verbs lol

I would recommend the Pioneer. I have 3 of them I like them so much. They burn a variety of discs well and are even better dual layer burners. I scan with a Liteon and burn with my Pioneer.

I bought the LG about a day ago. :cool: Didn’t think they would go out of stock that fast. These $29 burners are irresistible but, I hope my LG turns out better then my LiteOn 20A1H. :doh:

It’s back in stock as of a couple minutes ago.

What do you plan on using the burner for? The Pioneer 111D is probably one of the most versatile burners for ANY application that I have seen.

This is sooo tempting, it’s like being a kid in a candy shop. I’ve heard grood things about the Pioneer 111.

But I can only have two drives in my machine, one is a BenQ1640 which I won’t replace, and the other is a Lite-On 165H6S which is a great burner (not as good as the BenQ on TY and Verbatum), I don’t use the Lightscribe much. What are everyone’s thoughts on replacing the Lite-On with the Pioneer, is it worth it???

I know both are good drives, I mainly use the drive to copy DVD movies, and usually use on Verb’s 16x and TY02’s from Rima.

Get a 5.25 external case and put a burner in that. Or get a case with more 5.25 external bays. They can be had cheap unless you have a proprietary system board.

burning data dvds and dvd videos…i mostly use verbs and ty’s

just ordered the 111D :bigsmile: cant wait to test it out…pretty good deal for just $28.99 :iagree:

Does anyone know if Pioneer will be comming out with a new 18X 0r 20X burner this year?
I am also very tempted to try this one.