Pioneer 111D,111,a11xl fw 1.23 released



New fw for pioneer 111 drives has been posted on pioneer japan fw site

change log fw 1.23

Support New 8x DVD-R DL Media
( 8x writing:MKM )
Support New 8x +RW Media
( 3.3x writing:RITEK )
CD-R Writability has improved.
CD-RW Writability has improved.
DVD Readability has improved
CD Readability has improved
Support reading on 16x DVD-RAM Media (RAM2 Media)


Now we just have to wait for a Buffalo release :iagree: (maybe something like 8.23? :bigsmile: ).


nice1, just flashed the Buffalo L variant yesterday, looking forward to an L version of this one too. Nice to see 16x RAM disc reading supported only I have no clue where you are going to get one burned to read in the first place but hey. Hopefully the 112 will do this.


DVR-111 1.23 Supported media list


What the heck is this 3,3x writing strategy? They are not capable of making a firmware for burning properly 8x +RW media or what? What a shame…


I know what your saying, I have had a Ritek 8X +RW since my 109 and never has a firmware been released that allows it to burn higher than 3.3x.


3.3x is the minimum write speed of 8x RW media. Steps are 3.3x, 6x, 8x.


yes, but by that description it seems the media can ONLY be burned at 3.3x. I see nothing about it starting at 3.3x and going up higher.


poor description by pioneer, but ala’s post is correct


Will this flash over the DB 1.19 FW?


Exactly, and that is another reason why you should avoid Ritek media, even more RW by ritek.


Just tried it and :disagree: such luck :sad: just playing around with it to see if there is a way to do it but so far the Flasher is giving a EROR this drive is unsupported message :frowning: !


So can we flash back to the A11XL or are we all stuck 111L. :sad:


IT all sorted out now ICeBerg thanks to reading [B] 2601 [/B] post in the other thread all you have to do is

And than you can flash it to the new firmware [B]1.23 [/B] I just did it and did some test burns and they are a lot worse than the test burnt with [B] 111L_819 [/B] I think I will go back and keep using the [B] 111L_819 [/B] or [B] A11_119 [/B] firmware found it to be a lot better than the new one.


ok, Sounds good. I will wait/maybe


Cool, I thought I had read you could flash back otherwise I wouldn’t of crossed flashed in the 1st place, I just couldn’t remember where I had read it thanks for the info.:flower:

I don’t burn much +R media anyway so I will just wait for the updated Buffalo fw.:wink:


I couldn’t revert back with DB’s 1.19 I had to go back to DB’s 1.06 to flash back to the A11XL:confused:


Nice info


Pioneer’s flashers don’t allow you to cross flash.

They can only go backward, same-on-same, or flash onto RPC1 drives if the flasher is patched.

Brother Vlad


TDB’s have released their RPC-1 version of 1.23 on the 16/6 :cool:

Click Here

Thanks TDB’s :bow: