Pioneer 111BK SL DVD ripping speed slows near end of disc?

I have just bought a Pioneer DVR-111BK (Firmware 1.29) and the IDE controller is set to UDMA 4.I have noticed that when ripping single layer DVD’s/DVD-+R’s with DVDDecrypter (I haven’t “Set read speed” and unchecked the “SpeedRead” option as its not a “Plextor” of course) and the ripping speed reaches around 12x + the drive slows down the read speed to about 5x and this is with DVD’s that have no defects/scratches ect…This has also happened with my BenQ DW-1650 on a different PC with a Intel chipset .If I re-rip again usually the speed reaches its max without any rip speed drops. :confused: I have a ATA133 capable HDD and the motherboard supports this speed.UDMA6 is enabled for my Primary Master eg HDD,drive is defragged.The jumper for the Pio is set to Master and my LG slave.

Does anyone else have this happen? The Pio seems to work just fine for DL media and CD’s.

Btw I use the ElbyCDIO interface option.Could this be the cause,should I change to SPTI or maybe the “quiet drive feature” built in is causing it?

Thanks for any help.I really would like an explanation from Pio 111 users or anyone with this problem.


No,SPTI dont make any difference. :doh:

It is surely not the quietdrive feature.

Please use Nero CD-Speed, run a Data Transfer Rate benchmark and post here the graph.

Not sure eyeing the disc is very effective at determining the quality of the data embedded in the pits other than observing gross defects.

The throttling of the speed could just be the standard error handling response to data being corrected or retried. The balance, warping and chucking of the disc could play a role as the outer edge is more prone to issues.

As JIG66666 indicates try doing it in Nero CD-Speed, this throws the data away so if the problem is not evident then one might assume the problem is with how your other application is sinking the data to the hard drive or wherever.

Brother Vlad

Thanks for the replies JIG66666 & TheDangerousBros. :slight_smile:

Here’s the TRT screenshots.

1st,was first attempt TRT.
2nd,second attempt TRT.
3rd,LG GSA-4167B TRT.
4th,BenQ Quality scan.
5th,HDD Benchmark (HDTach) Wtf are those speed drops,they appear on all HDD’s I test and on different PC systems,I’ve always wondered why they are there???

The LG TRT is perfect and the BenQ dont show high PIF and PIE at the point where the Pio slows the speed. :confused:

It seems the Pio is a little sensitive reading near the outer edge of DVD discs as is my BenQ but I can live with that as long as it completes the rip.

Btw FYI I’m using 80 wire IDE cable and have a Intel P4 3.4GHz with HT (650) Prescott CPU.

Anyone at all encountered this same issue,surely someone has plz let me know by simply replying “yes”? :frowning:

Seems to be coincident with the PI error spike, still your average speed remains significantly higher than the LG. So it looks like media errors to us, and not something we would get unduly worked up about. The drive is basically doing what it is supposed too, and retrying or correcting them.

Anyway, it is not an issue with cables or the hard drive.

Measuring data throughput in a multi-tasking OS from the application level is always going to be a challenge.

Brother Vlad

This is a DVD-ROM test, as I see. But you should do this DTR test with a recorded DVD+/-R too to look how the drive behaves with them. If it has the same spdfalls WITH QUALITY DVD-Recordable media then the drive itself is defective, IMHO.
So post here some DVD+/-R graphs, please.

Thanks again to you both for helping me. :slight_smile:

Brother Vlad.

Your second reply has helped a lot to put my mind at ease.I must admit I’m very paranoid when I buy a new DVD Writer and like to know that it is functioning as it should.I also haven’t tested it enough,I’m an impatient individual aswell.The disc could well be slightly warped,the case’s locking disc hub is quite crap and tight,unlike Amaray and I have noticed since my first post (stating the disc showed no scratches ect…) that under a very strong cool white fluorescent light that there are a few VERY tiny dots on the disc that cant be wiped off with a cloth.


The Pio definitely had a speed drop with the TYG02 DVD-R screenshot posted below when I tested it the first time,but not nearly as bad as the DVD-ROM TRT I posted above.DVDDecrypter’s buffer bar started to go up and down even though it was ripped not being written to.I did have anti virus and anti spyware running at the time though,so maybe it interfered with the rip.

I have one final question,again I think this may be my paranoia and OCD.When I detect gaps or rip in secure mode with any CD using Exact Audio Copy I can hear a very quiet ticking noise.It seems to do it when the LED lights up.It does not make the noise if the LED is constantly lit up eg Burst Mode.Of course my common sense tells me that its basically reading sectors from the disc but is the noise normal or could something be wrong? As I said its only a quiet noise and I have to put my ear quite near the drive to hear it.

Thats all I need to know now.I would hate it for this drive to turn out defective as I’ve had several bad ones and this is why I’m so obsessed with noises,rip speed drops ect…It does seem OK so I’m very happy I just need to know about the CD read noise?

Sorry for these posts regarding minor issues but I think I’m OTT after having too many bad drives and having to RMA.

Once again thanks,I dont like to ask for help,I prefer to give help if I can.Your replies are very much appreciated!

DVD media TRT screenshots:

1st Verbatim -R (TYG02)
2nd Verbatim +R (MCC 004)

Now the graphs are fine.
You should also remember that the ripping software like DVDDecrypter is storing the ripped data to your HDD, which can be awfully fragmented (so you should do HDD defragmentation), while CD-Speed only measures the data transfer speed from your DVD reading (in this case - also recording) device, so it doesn’t need to write anything to HDD at all. Multitasking or antivirus also can be a problem here.

That’s normal.

Oh, by the way

5th,HDD Benchmark (HDTach) Wtf are those speed drops,they appear on all HDD’s I test and on different PC systems,I’ve always wondered why they are there???

Maxtor’s, Samsung’s and Seagate’s HDDs usually have this “feature”, it is thought to be normal for them. Western Digital HDDs usually have smoother Transfer Rate speed graphs.
So if all of your HDDs are made by Maxtor, Seagate or Samsung, don’t worry so much :wink:

JIG66666. :slight_smile:

I thank you once again for using up your precious time to help me and giving me some good quality,valuable information.It has put my mind totally at ease and I feel much less worried now.

Your 100% correct about my HDD’s question.They are all Maxtors. :wink:

Brother Vlad,you have also been very helpful. :slight_smile:

You are welcome! :slight_smile: