Pioneer 111 in Love with Optodisc

Today after a hint in a german forum I used the first time Optodisc media with my Pioneer 111. Until now I heard of Optodisc only as crap media. But it seems the Pioneer 111 loves them. This media is really cheap ( 5,75 EUR 25 pieces spindle) but the result is unbelievable for this media. One single max. 5 in the PIF scan isn’t nice, but I can’t complain about this scan.

Intenso 8x DVD+R Optodisc OR8
burned at 8x with Pioneer 111 1.29

Hmm. The spike could be because the Pio is using a NEC chipset (I haven’t used Pios personally so I don’t know, actually).
But this scan is really nice, even MCC 004 burns on my Litey are worse!
Where did you get those Intensos?

Is that Samsung drive a reliable scanner?

It is using the Mediatek chipset, which is also used in Liteys. So the scans can be compared to Litey scans.
[B]mciahel[/B] reported that Samsungs don’t scan as accurately as Liteys (if I remember correctly).

I have used this media code, it can vary greatly in quality from results such as those above to coaster after coaster at the edge of the discs. About 3/4ths of them from 3 or 4 brands worked very well, while the other 1/4th had disappointing performance (batch by batch variations in quality in my experience, not from disc to disc). It’s not specific to that drive by any means, I have several burners that produce results like that with these discs when they are from a good batch. I don’t trust Optodisc’s track record for stability much though based on their early media, although I haven’t observed problems with mine as of yet so perhaps it’s not an issue with their later media. One concern with most of mine is that although the scans of many of the discs were generally quite good, there was often a rise in PI near the edge as well as a more PIFs towards the edge at times (sometimes only very slight, sometimes quite noticeable), so again I am not confident in their long-term stability especially as it’s towards the edge.

The PIO doesn’t produce spikes like NEC drives, so this is media related in that case. I got these Intensos from xmediatrade.

Nothing new here some more evidence
Evidence =>

Pioneer 111 seems to support Optodisc +R really well.
THere are more of these combinations.
RitekR05 seems to work extremely well on benq/Philips based drives with solid burn on.

Optodisc 8x media did perform quite well in most accelerated ageing test unlike there older stuff so I think they probably solved that problem.

Samsung is a reliable scanner. It’s more picky as Lite on (less good reader) but that’s the only difference when compared to a Lite On.

I have same (good) experiences with Intenso DVD+R 8x.
I bougt spindle of 50 discs when I was on my wacation in Greece. Price was 18 Eur.
I burned these discs with BenQ DW1650 and Samsung SH-W162C (burn speed was 8x). Here is results:

Getting Taiyo Yuden DVD+R in Greece wouldn’t have made a big price difference. :wink:

I do not think the Samsung drive is a good scanner… Optodisc is crappy media… but i love the Pio 111… i have one… feed it with Verbatimand Taiyo Yuden…

Sure, those are nice scans, but for the same money you could have gotten a pack of coasters. I never touch Intenso again after a tub of fake T02’s, no matter how cheap they are.

It is as good as every LiteOn, with newer LiteOns as 165P6S the results look a little bit better cause they have an even better error corection than my Samsung. But when you need a second opinion beneath is a scan of the same disc with the BenQ 1640, it confirms the Samsung scan.

Yes I do too, the best media for the PIO in my opinion is TYG02. But getting similar results with that media is much more fun.-)


Well, I don’t trust my SHW163A anymore. :Z

But when you need a second opinion beneath is a scan of the same disc with the BenQ 1640, it confirms the Samsung scan.
If both drives report similar results, then all is okay. But if the results differ, then I would trust the Benq more than the Samsung. There must be a reason why Erik Deppe disabled scanning with Samsung drives.


Because they traditionally didn’t enable it before?
Same with Pio.

Getting Taiyo Yuden DVD+R in Greece wouldn’t have made a big price difference.

Of course! I bought 100 TY DVD+R 8x in Greece :slight_smile:

Just make sure to scan those at regular intervals to be sure it doesn’t degrade… call me a sceptic but Intenso and Optodisc doesn’t sound like a combination I would trust.