Pioneer 111 Help (New Computer)

Alright guys, I need some serious help. I recently put together a new PC, and installed in it a Pioneer 111 from my old PC. The Drive itself is excellent, and has worked flawlessly in my old pc. However, I seem to be having problems using it in my new PC. The drive seems to only be able to read discs - and it does this without any problems. The problem starts when I use it to write. Ive tryed to burn audio cds, as well as .iso images, and either way the write fails. Ive tryed both IMGburn as well as Nero - and so far no luck. The mobo Im using is a Asus P5W DH Delux, with a Intel Duo E6400. Also just to add, Im given a number of different errors in IMGburn, one the disc has begun to burn. Such as “Device not Ready” & “I/O Error”.

Anyone have any idea on what maybe wrong?
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It could be a low quality media. What discs are you using?

Moreover, check if DMA is enabled

I doubt the media is low quality. Im using Ritek/Ridata, as well as DL Verbatim discs. These discs have all been successfully used in the past. Ive checked device manager, and DMA is already enabled. Ive been looking around here, and think it may have to do something with J-Micron. Other than it being a controller, I have no clue.

Ritek/Ridata is considered low quality media. I doubt if it has anything to do with the J-Micron controller because some ide to sata converters that have the J-micron chipsets that work well with most dvd burners. I had one of those converters attached to one of my Pioneer 111 drives which works very well. I have no problems in burning Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden dvd media. :slight_smile:

So you suggest I use a IDE to SATA converter?

No I didn’t suggest you use a IDE to SATA CONVERTER.
You said you think the problem lies in the J-MICRON controller.
I don’t think it has anything to do with that. Because I use a IDE to SATA CONVERTER that has the J-MICRON chipset and I have no problems with it hooked up to my Pioneer 111 drive. Therefore if your motherboard has the same J-MICRON chipset controller I don’t think that is the reason you’re having problems with your Pioneer 111 drive.

So what do you suggest it may be? Ive also check the SCSI Controllers in device manager, and in there all I see is “JMicron JMB36X Controller” - Driver Version

make sure you’re using a 80 wire ide cable with your drive.

Nvm, got it working. Just updated the JMicron drivers in device manager.