Pioneer 111 dvr oem problem



Really need some HELP here guys,before i completley LOSE it!.Bought pioneer 111 dvr oem from svp and installed to my xp system.Every time i try and burn anything with it via nero,after 5% simulation burn i get DMA-DEVICE ERROR TIMEOUT OCCURED.I have upgraded firmware to 1.29!.I have my dvd rom as master and pioneer as slave.Had none of this problem with old nec writer.I have legit copy of xp pro and when i did change writer i had to validate os again?.Any help guys would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Is the drive connected by an 80wire IDE cable , set as master & on the end connector & running in Ultra DMA mode 4? These are all highly recommended.

Obviously the master connection is not the case but what of the others?


Appreciate your help!The cable is 80 wire msi cable not flat old ide cable,.Also set in nvidia nforce4 parallel ata controller properties/secondary channel/ultra dma 4-ultra 66 master.Box also checked for LET BIOS-SELECT TRANSFER MODE.Just wont get past 6% burn insimulation mode and also wont play any sort of dvd in intervideodvd player?.NEVER HAD AN OUNCE OF PROBLEM WITH OLD NEC WRITER?.i HAVE A NERO LOG OF THE FAILED BURN IF THAT IS ANY HELP BUT UNSURE HOW TO SEND YOU THE LOG MY FRIEND?


I Have Changed Pioneer To Master And Dvd Rom To Slave.




I have supplied what i think you wanted to know earlier timc,nothing has changed even trying to swap master/slave!.As i said i have nero log if it will help but need to know how to send it.Thanks for your interest


Just looked at the nero report and on my hd,s they show DMA OFF And also on my dvd/rom and pioneer its says OFF.l Looked on another thread with a similar issue and he showed a nero log and all his hd.s/dvd rom/writer was showing ON.Dont know if this is significant?


It wasn’t clear at what point you changed them over & if it had any effect.

To post a log just take the Go Advanced option on the posting screen & Manage Attachments. Browse for the log file etc.

I’ll check back in the morning as I’m off to bed now.


Cheers Timc,Only changed over about 1 hour ago,going to try and send you the log.Thanks again for help and i will look to see if you have replied tmoz night after work.

Log 2.txt (7.66 KB)


Go into Control Panel/Device Manager/System/Hardware, then go to IDE controllers. Uninstall Primary and Secondary IDE’s, then reboot and let windows autodetect drivers. Problem should be fixed.


CHEERS For advice going to try that now and will let you know outcome.


I gather from your reply that you wanted me to uninstall the drivers from pioneer and dvd rom.I did this and xp found new hardware and rebooted as told.Tried to simulate burn again but with no look rob.Really p------g me off now lol.


After doing what you advised rob blank media ready to burn etc is noticed by the pioneer,were it wasnt before,but it wont recognise a dvd to watch.The dvd rom will?.This might not mean a thing but it will now recognise blank media!.


Thanks to you all for advice etc,and will return tommorow night for more advice.


Nero will [B]always[/B] show DMA off with the nvidia drivers that you’re using so that maybe not an issue.

I think you can only check this in the Device Manager.

However , many suggest that using the standard Microsoft IDE drivers is the better option rather than the nvidia drivers.


Ok Lads/lasses Im Back Any Ideas Before This Writer Goes Through Window Lol.


Read TimC’s posts carefully again, especially #15.

Because of:

PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111 [B]nvata[/B] Port 0 ID 3 [B]DMA: Off[/B]


Appreciate all your advice but WHY DO I HAVE THIS PROBLEM NOW when 1 week ago i could burn WHATEVER i wanted with a nec 3500 burner.Going to get it back off my mate lol.


LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION TIME OUT!Thats what nero says in nero cd/dvd speed check on the pioneer?