Pioneer 111-D..having trouble croshfiring to 111D

I downloaded the latest internal firmware from the dangerous brothers…when i unzipped it and tried to run the exe file it says target not found…Iam on window 2000…any ideas?

If you need to crossflash to another model, you need to start with one of the firmwares that includes a kernel, e.g. the 8.19 TDB firmware. Then when you have crossflashed with a firmware that includes a kernel you can flash with the latest firmware for the same model, e.g. the 8.29 TDB firmware.

If your drive is in an external enclosure you also need to copy a WNASPI32.DLL file to the same directory as your firmware files before flashing. The Nero WNASPI32.dll file should work - it does for me.

So i install the 8.19 Internal Firmware then i upgrade to the 8.29 one?

That’s right. :iagree: