Pioneer 110D

Hello, I have just purchased a Pioneer 110D drive and I was wondering if this drive can write CDG CDs please. Thanks in advance


CD+G, that you mean?
Run Discinfo on your drive and you’ll see.

From the specs it cannot, please read the review by jan70.

Thanks _chef, I dont have the drive yet (in the post) but as soon as I get it I will run diskinfo as you suggest.


Hi :slight_smile:
If you try link (thanks chef) you’ll see that the Pioneer 110D does not support CD+G at least according to Nero Infotool.
Hope this isn’t too important to ypu.

AHH well Chef the POS 110 so far does same sh`t 12x reading for dvd-/+r that it can burn at 16x, so i can say this now as we have read it in b/w not some rumours, what a total waste of time the 110D is compaired to 109, nothing substancial IMO to upgrade for but again it cost me nothing to do so i wait on the fancy one later on.

Phew, I’m still wondering why RIPPING with an burner is so important…?!?
Sure, they can be fast, and their prices will probably also go down to €35/40/whatever till end of this year, but: I prefer using an good DVD-ROM for this so the chances I’ll get troubled with my burner(s) become tiny’er. :wink:
My opinion, but I see a purpose for it. :lol:

I agree with you chef only I don’t see the need to have another physical slot in your case filled, not to mention power cable from your power supply, another cable in your case as well as having to share IDE channels depending on how your system is set up just to rip dvd’s. I enjoy having one drive and one drive only to do it all cutting down on case clutter and power consumption.

The best hardware addition in such a case would be a IDE controller card which allows optical drives (CMD/SIL chipped). If you have more than 2 optical drives installed, such a controller is really recommended. :wink:

meaning a pci slot gone instead. lol. You can’t win can you?

My other slot uses a teac cdrw/dvd combo its specs are 52x32x52 and 16x dvdrom but it can only read dvd-/+r at 8x in specs, so thats my prob, its a joke the pioneers cant do same read as write speed esp as they use the same nec chip, if you had 2 109’s or 110’s you wouldnt really want to try copy on fly at 16x write as buffer would be only thing stopping a coaster from other drive reading at 12x not 16x.

Obv this would be for copying a copy already on dvdr -/+ not a dvdrom as it will read 16x.

Does anybody know if this new ASUS DRW-1608P2 burner is a rebadged of the Pioneer 110 D ?

As far as I know it is. :iagree: