Pioneer 110d won't burn past 8X

Hi, i m new to this forum and new to using DVD burners. I recently bought a Pioneer 110D with the stocked 1.37 fw. When i try to burn using TDK 1-16X dvd+r in Nero, it simply won’t burn past 8X. So I upgraded the fw to 1.39 downloaded from the pioneer site and made no difference. Is there anyway I can improve the burn speed?? I read some other posts about custom fw which is better then the official ones and can improve the brun speed on these drives, so which fw do i need and how do i flash it?? coz i heard u need a different flashing program. Thanks in advance!

Use better media and use ala’s MCSE tool if you want…

Also, the burner has to be connected onto an 80 conductor IDE cable and to run in UDMA4 mode.