Pioneer 110D TDB or Buffalo Firmware issues


I am very new to the Buffalo and TDB firmwares and so I have been having a few issues.

Could somone please clarify which firmware I should be using when I am interested in DVD+R DL bitsitting?

Here is a little bit of what I tried so far by the way:

I downlaod Buffalo 8.39, unpacked and used the upgrade exe. This resulted is an error message “Available Targe is not found”.

Same thing occurs for 8.37.

As for TDB firmwares the 1.22 worked, then I couldn’t revert back to any pioneer originals. Then I found DvrFlash and flashed my drive with the 1.39 version for the 110D.

By the way my 110D is black, I am not sure if that matters?

Does anyone know what the issue could be?

Oh I am also interested in the switches that are available with DvrFlash, if anyone could list them.


All 110/D firmwares AUTO-bitset +R DL to DVD-ROM.

To be able to put 8.39 on your burner, you need to crossflash it using DVRFlash 2.2.