Pioneer 110d - slow? hmmmm

just built a machine for a friend today :

Asus K8v - MX
athlon 64 3000
512mb ram
WD 80gb sata drive
Pioneer 110D

Anyways… this writer seems real slow to start up - the installation cds seem very slow to read - so I ran a check with Nero — average transfer rate came at 11x (as opposed to my samsung 32x…) same disk…

any ideas what can be up with the pioneer?

  • It reads DVD fine - no problem.
  • connected to secondary Master ---- no other optical drive.
  • BIOS is set @ auto

it just seems really slow… havent tried burning a disk yet.

Wrong IDE cable and maybe also not the recommended standard IDE drivers.

thanks Ill try another cable - I also installed the VIA 4-1 drivers from the mainboard disk…

which cable should I use? … the pioneer manual states to use 80 conductor cable for fastest writing speeds...

is this cable that came with the motherboard incorrect then fellas ?

The drive needs an 80 conductor cable. Count the conductors in the cable, if its only 40 , then buy an 80 conductor ide cable.

Verify that the drive is in UDMA mode 4, in the device manager.

yep definately 80 conductor cable - oh well — times ran out - it installs things ok — just seems so slow to me accessing a disk … anybody thinks of anything else just holla.

cheers for the replies.