Pioneer 110D + Ritek G04 + Nero = coasters

I’ve been happily burning Ritek G04 4x printable DVD-R on my Pioneer 107D for ages now using Nero without problems.

I moved the 107D to another computer and replaced it with a Pioneer 110D (“made in China”) with latest 1.22 firmware, but the same Ritek G04 discs burnt with this are breaking up towards the end or not recognised on one of my 2 players and 1 of my 3 drives. I exchanged the 110D for an identical one and I still get the same problems.

I have quite a stock of Ritek G04 left. Should I send the 110D back and get a credit note (no refunds here in Thailand and no alternative drives from that supplier), or should I hang onto it and use it with more modern media when my G04 run out?

Would it be of any value to post CD-DVD Speed scans, if so which pages?

Thanks, Nick

What firmware do you have on the 110D? Is it version 1.22? If it is anything lower than you should upgrade your firmware.

If that doesn’t work I think it the discs. Ritek’s quality control has been horrible these days. Ritek hasn’t been good media for a long time. Try some different media.

Buy better brands than Ritek (g05).

Thanks for your replies. The firmware is 1.22. The discs I believe were manufactured prior to Ritek’s problems and burn fine on my 107D burner.


I’m not suprised. The 109 already didn’t do a very good job with G04, my NECs burn them much better (old stock G04 too). Actually with f/w 1.50 the 109 burnt these well, but more recent f/w messed up with it. 1.58 produces coasters just like with your 110D.

If you have lots of old G04 to burn, I think your best choice is the Nec 3540A. It burns these @8X with L&D modified firmwares with most excellent results. :cool:

The Pioneer is a great burner, but is quite picky with media… :frowning:

Thanks for the reply Francksoy.

So what would be a good reliable printable media to look for for the 110D (assuming I can locate it in Thailand)? Taiyo Yuden? Verbatim? 8x? 16x?


The best bet with the 110D should be TYG02 in my opinion. Also take a look at what discs have been used with good results in the CDFreaks review :wink:

Yes the G04 don’t work well with the Pioneer 109 :disagree:
The G05 work good but the data loss happen very fast :frowning: