Pioneer 110D Help

I just replaced my LG 4120B with the Pioneer drive, my LG failed.
Now I am not enjoying this new drive at all can anyone help with this or am i stuck with this thing like it is.

When i go to burn a DVD in DVDXCopy Express I get a message about CSS Encryption and this version of X copy cant do it, now i tried the old work around and pressed play on power dvd then pressed recored, this seemed to work fine, but when it was meant to burn the dvd it said it finished but the DVD is unwatchable :expressionless:
My LG could read CSS thats why i bought it and I never had any issues till it died, can someone help me here thanks

This is an DVDXCOPY problem then.

It worked fine with my LG as the LG specs say it can read CSS, but the 108 (at the time I bought my LG) could not read that.
I thoguht I would be safe with te 110D

Do you know how the whole procedure works??

All DVD drives can read CSS - the standard encryption routine usd on DVDs. Every encrypted movie, ie all commercial ones, will need to be decoded to play, either by software (PowerDVD etc) or hardware, eg all the set top boxes. The encryption is there to prevent you from copying the DVD. Workarounds for these routines can be found, but are frowned upon by the authorities.