Pioneer 110D Firmware 1.17...CD-R Problems still exist...sorta



If anyone remembers my dilema…if not…

1.08: When using Memorex Black 48x CD-Rs (CMC):

1.) the drive saw the discs as 32x - :sad:

2.) wrote them as Z-CLV - :sad:

3.) failed burning at 80% - :sad:

1.17: Now:

1.) the drive sees the discs as 40X - :bigsmile:

2.) Burns them as CAV - :bigsmile:

3.) STILL fails at 80% - :sad:

The drive works fine with 52X Verbatem (ritek) discs, burning them at 40X with 100% success rate.


I just did cd-r test on cmc 52x

pioneer 110D 1.17

cd-r test philips 52x mid = cmc mag

scanning drive plextor 716a plextools 2.25


yeah, i guess the 110D just cant hanndle these black cd-rs…oh well.


Sorry to say it, but Pioneer has never been among the best when we talk cd-r


Black CD-R made by Prodisc works fine on the A09 at least.
Perhaps Pioneer can fix this…

Maybe you have some subpar CD-Rs?
How do they perform on other burners?
Can you post a C1/C2 scan?


work 100% in my Lite-On 5236k.


:rolleyes: Yeah, a CD unit… Isn’t it?!