Pioneer 110d dvd-ram

looked all over and couldnt find anything about this problem…

i have the pioneer 110d firnware upgraded to maxrip 8.37, burning is great, but!!

i bought a DATASAFE 9.4GB DVD-RAM DOUBLE SIDED disk to try out, i`m running windows xp SP2, i put the disk in, then went to open the drive, it said the disk needed formating. so i did a quick format Fat32 which was the only option…

then i did a test backup of a folder containing 600mb or so of pics, i copied and pasted the folder onto the dvd-ram disk, exspecting it to take around 10 mins or so seeing that it can only write at 2mb/sec or there abouts, but it was slow as hell, showing 100mins or more to completion, i canceled the transfer.

after rebooting my pioneer 110D keeps saying the disk is write protected or says there is no disk at all…

i have tried normal dvd-rw to make sure the drive wasnt dead, and it was ok . does anyone know what could be wrong or even a guide or software which your ment to be using for dvd-ram?

thnxs for any replies

i probably posted this in wrong part of forums lol… i also did more searches in forums and found a couple of threads, i downloaded the panasonic dvd-ram drivers to see if those work, its looking good at the moment as it now recognises the disk and is now formating, but i forgot to uncheck the physical box so its taking 1hr just for 1 side grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

been formating the dvd-ram disk using fat32 and it was realy slow in writing and also reading… just formated using udf2.0 and its alot faster