Pioneer 110d - Dual layer only writing at 2.4x ricoh media

Just got some dual layer dvds, 8x Aone Ricoh dye, ive got the latest firmware installed on my writer 1.41 and it only picks them up as 2.4x

is there any firmware hacks how to allow faster writing on the 110d using this media or in general ?

I’ve been reading the same discs work at 8x on the 111d using 1.29 firmware.

Nope, and these are FAKE RICOHs.

Better buy Verbatim DL.

Fake Ricoh DLs?

Playo has also been selling MIC Ricoh DLs which were most likely fake.

these are the ones

Ok i bought some d01’s as well from svp does anyone know if there fake richo discs as the quality is dreadfull.

I have tried them on my 111L,1640, and 716 drives and there no where near the quality i expected.

Oh well, it’s so freaky to read the product comments from this link… they all claim to backup [I]their[/I] crap 360 games. I think they will all pay twice in the end unlike those who have bought Verbatim DL media.

Conclusion: Buy Verbatim DL!

I’m sure they’re not. What’s the full MID? Revision 02 of Ricoh D/L discs are very varied quality, revision 67 seem to be a lot better quality.