Pioneer 110D done?

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-110D / DVR-R100 / DVR-610. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hey there, guys.

I’ve had a Pioneer Dual Layer 110D for a few years now. It’s always been fine. But I recently got a new PC and all of a sudden I’m having issues with some of my backup software. I’m getting lots of retries, failed attempts, and a couple of game backups which worked flawlessly in the past are burning with issues. Perhaps I have my settings on this software wrong on the new tower (and I’d rather not mention the software in case they shouldn’t be brought up here) but I’m thinking hardware must be the problem because all other variables are the same. No, media is not the problem. I’m all over that. Also, the drive is in an external enclosure and isn’t seen by DISCinfo.

If you think I should just be getting a new burner now, can someone recommend a DL internal SATA drive that I can get which has the following:

  • can be flashed to be region free
  • is of excellent quality
  • will have no problem burning DVDs, game backup discs through any backup software

I hear a lot about Optiarc AD-7200S. Is it best for my needs?

Thanks to you all for any help!!

First replace the ide cable and try again.

The IDE cable is new inside the enclosure.

Just noticed that I appear to be having the same issues with the burner already in my tower. I think I might have my Decrypter and ImgBurn settings wrong. CAn someone point me to a link that might show what all the settings should be at? Layer breaks, etc?

@ tinpanalley,

Explain in detail exactly what the above quoted statement means. What “Enclosure” are you referring to? Are you certain that this “New Cable” is the correct type of IDE Cable?

For the Pioneer DVR-110D to function and operate correctly at its optimal performance requires the use off an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( and operate in the Ultra DMA Mode 4 (


"Explain in detail exactly what the above quoted statement means. What “Enclosure” are you referring to? "

I’m referring to the enclosure I mentioned in my first post which is where I have this disc drive:
[I]“Also, the drive is in an external enclosure”[/I]

Therefore the IDE cable which is in this new enclosure which I bought is also new. I will look at it again to make sure it is UltraDMA.

But again, this is why I was asking if someone could recommend a SATA drive that I can just put into my tower directly.