Pioneer 110D Constantly Spinning with Blank Verbatim DVD-R 16x

I just installed this drive, and when I put a blank DVD-R in it, it constantly spins and slows down my other drive. Is this normal for it to constantly spin with a new DVD-R in it?

What else should it do?

Have you used an suitable and actual burning program with it?

What other drive? Does this other drive is connected to the same IDE cable? Very strange indeed.
When a blank media is inserted is normal for Pioneer to spin the blank to their maximum allowed speed; it also happened the same with older models, I remember the annoying spin sound on my Pioneer 108 that was 16x 4 all enabled… :stuck_out_tongue: So the solution is not to have blank media stored inside unless you are ready to burn it.

I have another DVD Drive hooked up with the same cable (80 wire). I’m backing up my DVD’s (got little kids in the house and they pretty much destroy everything). I was wanting to rip from the other DVD drive and Burn with the 110D, but when a blank DVD-R was in the 110D, it constantly spun and slowed the ripping process greatly. I thought with my previous drives after I inserted a blank DVD, XP of course asks what I want to do with it, and I would click cancel and it would stop spinning. Except with the Pioneer 110D, it just keeps spinning even if no programs are open. Am I stuck with this? I guess I can just use the Pioneer because it rips and burns fast, but I wanted the convenience of 2 drives.

Is the 110 connected as MASTER and the other drive as SLAVE, and are they jumpered so and not with CABLE SELECT??

Personally I would use CloneCD5 to copy On-The-Fly in such a case.

Are tools like AnyDVD or Nero Drivespeed running?
which firmware is on the drive?

I would suggest to hook them on different cables thus solving the problem.

Thanks for the advice. The 110 is the master and my other drive is slave. I’ve tried vice versa and cable select, all with the same results. Latest firmware on the 110 (1.39). No tools are running that I’m aware of (at least by looking at running “processes” in Task Mgr I don’t see them, unless the names are different or they would be some place else???

On hooking them up with different cables…I’m a little green on that. I’ve currently got 2 HDs running on Primary and the 2 DVDs on Secondary…can I run a HD and DVD on the same cable?

Yes, you can, but leave the hdd containing the system/OS on the PRI MAS, if that is so connected. :wink:

Better connecting the Pioneer DVR-109 (110) on primary slave or on secondary master?

Secondary Master.