Pioneer 110D can't burn, but can read



First of all, hello. Im Portuguese, so sorry for my possible bad English.

I have a Pioneer 110D for about almost a year and until now it was working with no problems.

Today i was burning a DVD with Nero, and at the end, it did not open the drive. I clicked the button on the drive and still nothing. So i manualy open it.

But after that, when i put a Blank DVD on it, windows open the box asking if i wanna burn something but im not able to burn nothing with any programm, i can’t even start burning, it wont let me.

But it reads things, like movies etc etc without any problem at all.

What may be the problem?

Im thinking to flash it to a new firmware. But i have a few question about it, how do i know if i have to use an oficial firmware, an OEM or an External?
And is there any Tut to flash it?

Thanks in Advanced


what you exactly did? did you click ‘Done’ button at the nero after writing was stopped? only then the burner’s tray should open.


Yes, i clicked Done in Nero. It should have opened…

Also, that copy i have made that cause the problem, is working.