Pioneer 110D burning coasters recently

I’m not sure if its the media’s problem, before this everything was burning fine on DVD’s until i touched down from my 18 hour flight. Dont know if the drive got a bad knocked or what, highly unlikely tho.

But so far, i’ve burnt like 5 coasters whenever i try to burn any DVD’s at all.
The media i’ve got now is TYG02, is that media incompatible with the 110D or what.

I’m using 8.39fw’s , i’ve tried 1.39’s as well, havent tried goin back 1.37 tho. I’m running Win XP 64 SP1.

Anyone got some suggestions on this…pls enlighten me.

TYG02 is no media, but a mediacode. Maybe FAKES, what’s the brand??

Haha, yeah i know the TYGO2 aint media but the media code. If im not mistaken, those should be the media code for Taiyo Yuden right, but it could be fake since its from a cheapo brand called Dream Media or something. Anyways i’ve got myself some new media’s branded Iomega, media code CMC MAG AE1, well , it burns much much better than those Dream Media crap. At least i know my drive aint broke.

Then it’s FAKE.