Pioneer 110D burn error on DVD+r DL

Hey guys,

Well yesterday I bought my first pack of DVD+R DL’s and it sucks to say i already burned 2 coasters. My drive is a Pioneer 110D which i upgraded to the newest 8.37 Buffalo FW designed for auto book typing and upgraded the drive to a DVD RAM 111 model.

At first i used CloneCD to burn my 7 gig image with the appropiate .dvd file to say where the layer break is and around 51 % i get a write failed error. I found a guide online that explained how to burn with Dvd Decrypter which ive never had a problem before with DVD+/-rs and at 2.4x at 51% i get the same error. Now Dvd Decryptor was much more useful to report the error with.

The reason i changed to 8.37 buffalo fw was for the full bitsetting feature but i distinctly remember just before i hit burn on Dvd Decryptor the book type was DVD+R DL and not DVD-Rom.

Any help is appreciated.

You already got the answer: crap or unsupported media!

If it’s not Verbatim media then the chances of success are low.

Clearly with this media it’s failing right at the layer break point. You might want to use ImgBurn instead of DVD Decrypter as it’s more up to date.

Also note that it’s only after the burn that you’ll see the booktype as DVD-ROM.