Pioneer 110d buffer underrun

Many expert user did noticed that in this unit during normal burning the green led sometimes get off for little period.
These normaly mean that unit go in buffer underrun conditions.

But these condition happen also when there is no problem of data transfer in you PC.

So what do you think about this problem??

Is pioneer 110d bugged??

or these is a normal strategy? for example the pioneer 110d test periodically the power of laser in order to give a better quality of writing. Doing so the units stops for some istants the laser in order to measure the quality of writing.


dunno, i`ll check this out when am doing a burn, but so fare i havent had any problems with this.

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Its not a buffer underrun, its the normal strategy. Even when the drive buffer runs out when burning, its a part of the strategy. :smiley:

Thanks for answer.

Also I believe that it is normal strategy. But Why Pioneer don’t say anything about leaving many customers in doubt about a failure??

If it is normal strategy will be usefull to know if laser stops really. In this case this strategy will occur with the little gap of a buffer undurrun.

Anyone knows something about??

Thanks in advance

Pioneer tells you in the drive specs what write strategies are used for what mediatypes.


Thanks for answer

Yes I know. But the problem is that the green led blinks also when the declared strategy is CLV. In this condition it is not necessary to off the laser or I am wrong?
Why the green led blinks? why Nero indicates the buffer of writer go down??
also if for some milliseconds…

I will ask some clarifications to Pioneer


The flashing of the LED has no correlation to the buffer status of the drive. The drive does its own adjustments of the laser intensity. If you have observed graphs that depict the burning behavior of the drive, you can plainly see when the drive slows down the writing to make a power adjustment.

Yes I see and I believe that you are right.
However not only the green led get off for milliseconds but also the bar of buffer in “Nero” go down. So the drive “says” to Nero software that the buffer is empty

If laser make some adjustment probabily the writing was really stopped for milliseconds and buffer underrun strategy is used for avoiding the loss of DVD.
In this case may be usefull to know from Pioneer what is the dimension of “gap” and if really a gap was made in this situation.

I found very strange that Pioneer do not reclamize this function. There are many forum (in Italy) were this question is considered a real bug.

Eric thanks for answer you are very skilled

This is no kind of bug, this is the way Pioneer has written the firmware and strategies for this burner.

The gap is unimportant also here as long as the burned disc contains no errors and the content is readable without problems. :wink:

Yes I believe you.

Yes I know that the quality od DVD is good. But i want to know if this strategy will make gap or not…it is a curiosity…i like to know how my equipment work.

Thanks for you answer