Pioneer 110D anr ritek g04



Hi i try to burn these as my first dvd.

Ritek g05 Ritek extreme @ 8x and even @4x but every time nero give a “Comunication error” and burn the dvd. What to do? Nero and win xp! (aspi drivers? The ide cable?) :bow:


Could be the cable - could you post the log from nero? What happends in other programs?


other programs i try alcohol that burn 1 dvd at half time and don’t know why it burn only @ 3 x :expressionless:


Is DMA on? Are you using a 80 wire IDE cable? Is the drive alone on the controller?


i burned Ritek G05 with 110D and no coasters so far.
just using 80 wire IDE cable and make sure DMA ON.