Pioneer 110

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For those interested there’s a review over at cdrinfo
Plus RPC1 f/w thanks to tdb. :bow: :clap:
A10XL same drive, just a facelift & honeycomb case. I tried it, works fine.

That is not just a little design difference - not really surprising if you compare it to earlier models. :wink:

I’ve crossflashed my DVR-110D to the DVR-110 (using TDB A10XL fw) and just started to do some tests:

DVD-R read speed is 12,5X as it’s in the specs, and not 9.35X as the review (incorrectly) shows.

Tkx to TDB, AS and all that made this possible :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure but I believe that they’ve quoted 9.35X (which is ave, not peak).
If I’m correct start is generally around 5.20X ave 9.35X peak 12.50X.

Yes, I also thought it could be average, but in the same graph they compare it to 12x for the plextor.

12x is peak for the plextor ? isn’t it?
To be honest I have no ideia it the plextor can go up to 16x peak?

Hummm, I took another look and it’s the plextor 740 (benq I think) and goes up to 16x reading DVD-R.
That explains it.

Looks like the review is correct.
Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

Just needed to have bitsetting added to the firmware to make it ideal…

Don’t forget a fair amount of soundproofing foam inside to make it noticeably quieter than the 110, at identical RPMs.

Who wants to buy a raffle ticket on the date for the first “I HOSED MY PIONEER 110D!”
Hope it’s not my post. Of course I wouldn’t use the vulgarity “hosed”. I’d f*ck mine up.

What is the advantage of crossflashing the 110D to the A10XL firmware? It’s already riplock free. The Dangerous Bros have made a region free version of both firmwares (1.22 for 110D and A10XL), but what’s the significant difference between them?

DVD-RAM read and write @ 5X. The 110D is 2X read only. If DVD-RAM isn’t something you need I’d stick with the 110D.

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Yeah! Thanks I did know just in a rush. But worth pointing out.

First burn on my newly crossflashed 110 (thanks to Las Vegas and THE Dangerous Brothers). D or no D this burner does quite nicely on TYG02-

i just crossflashed my drive. went easy, looks to be ok. shows up in winxp as a dvd-ram drive now. awesome.

so who’s crossflashed and been using dvd-ram?
i just want to find out, has anything failed during the crossflash,

Do you READ any of these posts?

well everyone’s tried it like once, or twice

anyone actually use it alot…
i mean like burning alot of things after crossflash…

dvd-ram normal -r / -rw …any signs of failure?

yes yes, i know it works…but im trying to find out , the negatives to doing a crossflash…

the chipset is the same, is the laser the same? pioneer just puzzles me to have 2 exact drives with different firmware, its not a thing they usually do… it certainly saves money for them, but it doesn’t give any advantages to sell all these types of drives… the 110d and 110 are $3 apart in my country and thats like US$1.5 , yes they rolled out the 110d early for the speed increase in dual layer, apart from that they have achieved nothing, why didn’t they give us the opportunity to upgrade to DVD-RAM, like they did before with DVD-RW on the 108/109 faster DVD-RW +RW

they would have sold even more 110d’s if they would upgrade us to DVD-RAM for free…

Honestly, I don’t see any sense in your previous post, beatmag.

ALL were explained en detail before.
And the last sentence brings me only to: lol.

My guess is the 110 was intended for a paticular market where DVD-Ram is more popular. The 110 has not been intorduced in North America, posibly because the market isn’t demanding that sort of use. While it’s superior as a back-up medium, the average consumer isn’t backing up a DVD worth of files on a regular basis.

Interesting conjecture. If true, this might also explain why Nec has introduced the 3550 in the USA, and the 4550 in Europe.