Pioneer 110 wont burn over 10x



My Pioneer DVR-110 (Firmware = 1.39) sometimes recognises my CD-R’s as only 10x when they are 52x. Its not a problem with the disc’s because if i change the disc in the writer and then put the original one (the one it read as 10x at first) back in it reads it at 32x (fastest writer will burn). I don’t have any problems with and of my DVD-R’s

The CD’s im using are Datawrite 52x Silver

Any idea why this happens and how I can stop it??


Buy and use better media.


my 110 does the same running ridisc aaa grade discs… 1.39 firmware also.


See, we are no wizards who can magically see your drive, the computer specs, the media and how the drive is connected etc.

Please provide more info so that someone could be able to help you…