Pioneer 110 wont burn multipule coasters

Hi guys i know there is alot of post about this and ive looked thruogh hunderads of posts.
my pioneer 110d just wont burn full dvds. i flashed it with 1.22 fw flashing went well everythin haped as per the guide.(followed guide) i use datawrite 8x disks which r fine on the 105 ive got im in udma 2 no option for udma 4 its set to master.
if you need more info pls ask thank for any help :bow:

UDMA4 is correct setting, not UDMA2.
1.37 is the latest firmware, not 1.22.

ive not got a usma 4 setting
and now it wont let me flash keeps saying affter the inital screen press y to cont it says could not open device \.\ D:
and that is the correct drive letter.thanks

Replace the IDE cable and set the correct BIOS prefs (DMA) first!

Otherwise you can deadflash your drive if it will ever work this way.

what is deaflash
and do you mean reolase cable with 80 wire will that enable udma4
forgive my stupidness

he is telling you to replace the cable by a new one and make sure your DMA is on. Dead flash is when you failed to flash your drive properly, and it won’t work anymore.

Yes I need more info. Why would you wish to burn multipule (sic) coasters? I try to avoid burning coasters.

sorry i mean it wont burn i get multipule coasters