Pioneer 110 LED Goes off during burning

Is it normal for the LED light to go on and off during durning a dvd ?
The recorder buffer also drops down at the same time to about 10%.
I thought this meant that the laser was stopping and wondered if the drive maybe faulty.

It’s normal when burning 8x or at higher speeds.

Run DVDInfoPro or Nero CD DVD Speed and perform a content/disc check.

I only burned at 4x using 8x speed verbatim dvd-r

Uncommon for the buffer to drop that low. The lights will go on and off as relinking and speed changes (gear shifting!) occur. Buffer drops means there is some interruption to the data from your hard drive to the burner. Sure you are not running some other task in the background, eg surfing the net, antiviral scan etc?

The read buffer remains full but the recorder buffer drops.
I don’t surf the net when burning but i do leave my anti virus prog running but this has never caused a problem with burning on my old pioneer drive.

That is fine, just the OPC of the drive kicking in. Very normal and has started doing this on pioneer drives since the 109.

i wasn’t aware of this new feature (OPC),i thought i might have a faulty drive but hopefully everything is as normal and ok.


It is completely fine believe me. EVeryone asks the same question as you when they get one of the newer generation drives as you are right, OPC isn’t in all drives especially ones from over 1 year ago. OPC stands for optimal power calibration and it is a feature of the drive automatically adjusting laser strength and the burning speed to better compensate the condition of the disc which it analyzes on the fly while burning. The burn is a little slower this way but the quality is great, especially on good rated media. Enjoy the drive and don’t worry, all is gravy!

Thanks again cantankerous you’ve been a great help and you’ve put my mind at rest because i was beginning to wish i hadn’t bought the new drive.

Thanks again…I’m off to do some burning now .lol :slight_smile:

I know that feeling which is actually why I tried to be as quick and thorough in my response as possible. It is a very bad feeling when you are unhappy with a parts purchase or if that part isn’t working the way it should. I have had that alot and don’t wish anyone else to feel that way. You should really like the 110 as it is a great drive.

Yes i was feeling so down about buying my new drive.
i had been so happy with my old pioneer and so naturally i decided to stick with the pioneer brand,there isn’t actually anything wrong with my old drive i just wanted to upgrade to a DL drive. I didn’t even read any reviews or consider any of the other brands but as you can imagine i was beginning to wish i had.
Thanks again for taking the time to explain.

np, 110 is the best drive around next to the 108. All previous drives were good just lacking the new features. The 109 was decent but a bomb I think compared to the 108 and the 110.

BTW, what firmware you running on your new 110? You should upgrade to the latest 1.37 as it really is quite good for speed, features,quality and compatibility.

I take it that you have a pioneer 110 ?
My old drive is a pioneer 107 and has been superb.
I’m using the latest 1.37 firmware but i’ve not used the drive much to be honest because i thought it was faulty. I’ve just burned a dvd-rw on my 110 and the LED didn’t go off and the buffer level hardly moved during burning…i get more confused.

the OPC only kicks in if need be and usually more so on faster burning speeds and dodgy media. It is nothing you can control.

You can bet your life I have a 110. I have owned every pioneer model since the 105.