Pioneer 110 drive

This site says Availability: COMING SOON.

Interesting that the 110 OEM version will be also available in SILVER.

These guys say they will have one for testing in days.

is it oem from TEAC DV-W516E ?

I’m sure it is so.

I’m expecting a lot from this drive too. No more buying this before anyone else. I’m waiting for a while to make sure im going to be happy with it.

My next consideration will be the NEC 4550, but I agree. It will need quite a few firmware upgrades before I plunk down my $50. I still am waiting for the 3540 to settle in.

I have the NEC 3500 and BenQ 1620, I am very happy with these 2 drives, I will not buy anymore drives (no more empty slots left and no more usb and firewire ports left) unless one of my 2 drives breaks down. And what is the point of buying many drives when the newer drives still only supporting the same format. I will only buy a new drive when it supports HD-DVD or bluray media

out in japan

it doesnt write dvd-ram
so it is not teac 516 oem

Following the link given by chas0039 we get two other links (gif1 and gif2) to the specifications of the 110, and we see a DVR-110D in Gif 1 with no DVD-RAM support and the one in Gif2 (without the D) with DVD-RAM support.

Any idea about the meaning of this difference?

Will we be able to get both or can we risk that the one with RAM will be to the Janapnese and other few selected markets only?

I think 110D (without RAM) is sold only for marketing reason. 110D is OEM model. OEM customer often requires cheaper model. LG also sells both GSA4167B(with RAM) and 4164 (without RAM).

Within several weeks, DVR-A10 (DVD-RAM supported) will debut.

Another scan results page written in Japanese:

Nice find.


Damn, these guys has been busy with testing the drive, good work.

lets hope the CAV burning issue isn’t in this drive. Makes me wonder if pioneer won’t fix this issue with the 109 just so you will buy the 110 to use your TY/Verbatim 16x discs.

Bring it on! :iagree: Wonder what the OEM price will be?

I hope CDFreaks has a detailed review soon. :iagree:

OEM price here in germany is under €60 actually.

Hi to all

the only difference between 109D and the new 110D is it the burning speed of Dual Layer - and + at 6X :confused:

Thanks for the answer

yea pretty lame in my opinion. Everything else including CD/CDRW is the same. At least they could have raised that as well. I couldn’t care less about DL burning at 8x as I never burn faster than 4x anyways on those discs. DVD-RAM could be viable choice for often data backups but that is about it. I am waiting to see 3 things before I get this drive if I do seeing as though nothing jumps out to make me want to buy it off the bat.

1.) Is the CAV problem in the 109 absolutely not apparent in the 110D
2.) Can the A10 firmware be flashed to OEM drives to enable such features?
3.) Is there any third party manfuacturers firmwares enabling bitsetting like on 108 and 109.

If those are a yes I may get it otherwise my 109 is just fine the way it is.

Wondering if anyone knows of any third party manufacturers that are making the 110D such as piodata and Buffalo or is it strictly Pioneer manufacturing the drives.

DVR-110D contains “D63645GM” NEC chip.
this chip enables DVD-RAM 16x write.
but DVR-110D is not support DVD-RAM 16x write.