Pioneer 110 Debug Command

I got a pioneer 110 drive and for my need, i would like to program a software that set the layerbreak adress and the TOC to a certain size. I think i need to set the drive in debug mode and then, send some command. I have no experience in this field and i don’t know where to find those info. If someone could help me, it should be really great !
Maybe in the future i could try to make some other program for pioneer drive, who knows ? :wink:
Thx a lot !

May I ask, for what sense…?!?

Well, as i say it’s for my need but it’s to test bypassing some custom protection.

Do you know the triple J?
Judge - Jury - Jailer.

It just sounds suspicious to me.

Well if you could just help, this is all i need…
Thx a lot for your understanding.

Nobody can help?

Not sure what you mean by debug commands, but certainly commands to set the layer break, and define the structure of the disc. If this stuff proves to be over your head, you should probably look into the Nero API, or equivalent.

You need the MMC specs

MMC5 would probably suffice

Brother Vlad