Pioneer 110-D & Record Now Max 4.5x



Hi for all my old Pioneers i found cool new .dlls to get them work with Record Now Max 4.5x …

Is there anything out to get the 110-D work with Record Now Max 4.50 or so?

Pls inform me! :bow:


why wont you just use nero? much better in my opinion , anyway 4.50 is very old latest is 7.3 give it a try


I think what you need of pxengine


That would be a patched DLL that I haven’t seen yet for the 110/D.


Yes i need the patched dll’s of pxengine :frowning: Hope someone will make them in the Future :bow:

I need my old Record Now Max :slight_smile:


Why ?? Nero And DVD Decrypter has more features.


if i try to burn Files from my Linux Server over Samba - Nero (always newest Version testet) sucks and doesn’t burn files from my linked ReiserFS Linux System!! Record Now Max does it on my old Pioneer 109!!


What’s the deal? Linux burning apps are good enough for this…


yes, offcourse …

But i have a Burner in my Windows Machine! Not in my Linux Machine! :doh:


Try this one:
And check this thread:


doesn’t work perfectly for me … I only have speed settings “low mid fast” in my Record Now Max for the Pioneer 110D …

And i saw something strange!! The new Winamp 5.1 Final installs a new pxdrv.dll into system32 Dir! ?? Anyone could tell me why?



Finally time to use a better and more updated burning app…?!