Pioneer 110 burning problem

I have a Pioneer 110 flashed to 1.39.

Recently I have been burning some Datawrite Titanium 8x DVD-R’s (MMC 02 Dye) but every now and again it’ll create a coaster. Well actually a few. The weird thing is that its not just one or two coasters. It’ll burn like 3 in a row and then burn fine and then start creating coasters again. I know I created a post for this about a month or so ago but couldn’t find it.

However since I last posted and I was told they were crap disc’s It’s started happening with my Datawrite Titanium 16x DVD-R’s (MMC 03 Dye) and Arita DVD-R’s (Ritek G05 Dye).

I never had any problems before with writing DVD-R’s on my previous NEC drive.

Do you still think they are crap disc’s or possibly a problem with the writer?
Would a firmware update to an unnoficial version help?

They are all average media.

Look for better ones at

Even tho there average media. Should my drive still burn this many coasters. For the 8x Datawrite Titanium disc’s it was nearly a 50% failiur rate

You could clean the drive too…