Pioneer 109 with Verbatim DL at 6x - anyone?

Has anyone been able to get the Pioneer 109 to write to DL media at 6x speed? The Pioneer media page

says that the Verbatim will support 6x writing…

Can anyone confirm this?



Read my review here at cdfreaks and you will see :wink:

Or check out my scans below. :slight_smile:

Could you give me the date or title? Searching on your name, or on “Verbatim DL” was a waste of time.

Here =

You will find the Pioneer DVR-109 Review under reviews on the left side :wink:

Could it be that hard? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Review discussion thread is also stuck along with the other sticky threads :iagree:

Thanks, but your review is a bit like getting a drink of water from a fire hose.

All I wanted to know is: Does Verbatim DL media record reliably at 6x speed on a Pioneer 109 (I have firmware 8.40)


It burns good @6x

I just burned a Verbatim DL disc by accident at 6x a couple days ago and it came out fine. I normally burn at 4x as this is in the middle of 2.4x and 6x and I have never had a problem reading discs burned at 4x. When burning in decrypter a couple days ago I left the burn speed at 8x as that is what I was using for my SL +R discs before. The burner thankfully didn’t try and burn the disc at 8x which would have created a coaster, instead if just worked up to the max being 6 and stayed there. The DVR-110 is suppose to burn these same discs up to 8X believe it or not. Strange how discs only rated at 2.4 can be burned so much higher and still retain quality, especially on DL media which is quite expensive and can be fragile. Makes you wonder why these discs are only rated for 2.4x and why ‘official’, 4-8x DL discs aren’t being released on the market. I am anxious to try the new -R DL discs from Verbatim and see how they compare quality, price and burn time wise to the +R discs. Should be interesting though I can’t find any around to purchase. I hope the -R DL discs create some competition forcing both types to drop in price to remain ahead. They have come down quite a bit from $12 to $7 canadian but that is still steep.

Thanks very much. I wanted to make sure before paying “top dollar” in getting some. Burning at 2.4x is really frustrating after burning the +R’s at 12x !

Just make sure you purchase the verbatim not another brand because only the verbatim are compatible to 6x, memorex can’t burn higher than 2.4!

memorex can’t burn higher than 2.4!
And they are crap.

pure pooh.

Yeah, sad indeed.

tomkolle, you have an great site. :wink:

Yup, burned 3 XBOX/PS2 backups @6x on Verbatim 2.4x D/L DVD+R with no problems. It should be noted that the XBOX and PS2 consoles as a whole are far more picky with what they read than the average DVD Player. :wink: This is just to give you a reference of how reliable they are. BTW this was with a Pioneer 109 with V1.40 firmware.

Memorex are usually produced by Ritek (for D/L anyways) and they have had very mixed reviews. I have heard that some batches have been made by Phillips though. Either way I won’t touch anything but a Verbatim at this point for D/L DVD+R, although I am intrigued about Ricoh entering the D/L race. People who have been getting Maxell discs have been reporting that they are being produced by Ricoh.

I bought on friday a TDK DL. It’s Ricoh.

cantankerous, BTW, 8x dvd+dl and 4x dvd-dl are both in stock where i buy my media online in UK, the dvd+dl 8x doesnt have a price yet though, but the dvd-dl was £3.99 now upto £4.49 per disc

Verbatim DVD+R 8.5Gb ‘Double Layered’ - 8x Speed - Jewel Cased
At 8x speed, the industry’s fastest Double Layer DVD burning speed, an entire 8.5GB disc can be filled to capacity in less than 15 minutes! Our 8x Doub…


109/A09 cant do 8x so when the price of them is avail why but them i get the 2.4x for less than current £3.99 and burn at 6x.

Thanks for the heads up Humey, in Canada I don’t have these options only the classic 2.4x. I was told -R are coming any time now but no exact info on ETA, price or speed. I will keep my eyes peeled. Good to see 8x are available for when 110 comes out.

Well I don’t know if it’s my DVD Players or not but all my Memorex DLs play back flawlessly in my LG7832, Oppo 971H and Yamaha S540 when burned with the Pio 109 using buffalo FW 1.50. They play back so well I bought a 25 spindle and so far haven’t run into any problems.