Pioneer 109 - unable to select ripping speed of DVDs?



Have a fairly new pioneer 109 with the latest bios 1.40. Now the problem is that with all burning software (alcohol 120%, clonecd, dvd decryptor) I am locked out of selecting the speed for ripping DVD images :confused:

It automatically defaults to maximum speed for dvd ripping but I have no problem selecting write speeds.

I want to be able to select lower read speeds in order to gain higher precision when backing up software that has pain in the arse copy protection. This isnt a problem with my liteon CD-R, but have noticed the same thing with my brother pioneer 106 and my other brothers liteon DVD reader, which makes me think that its software related and not hardware related.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


hmmm to be honest I have never had an option on any of my drives to select ripping speed. ???

Things that are copy protection usually rip pretty slow to begin with as the protection is usually damaged data at the beginning of the disc that the drive has to sort through. If the drive isn’t good at going through that it is even slower. On any drive I had ripping such discs was always painfully slow until it got throught the damaged bit and onto the good stuff.


The only reason why I ask is that I have seen on a couple of other forums that people have been claiming to have successfuly made a 1:1 copy of splintercell chaos theory (starforce 3 protected) and part of the process involved ripping an image of the dvd at the slowest speed possible.


FYI, you can use a driver speed limiter software to limit the max speed of your driver, I can’t remember one right now but I’m sure you can find them with ease out there on the internet, just google it out and have your 1:1 SplinterCell Chaos Theory.


I have tried searching around with google and could not come up with anything, like searching for a needle in a haystick. Would be very helpful if you could remember the name of one :bow:


nero drivespeed


With both those programs read speed is locked at 8x :sad:

Really weird that you cant select your read speed for dvds


1.40 n 8.40 both riplocked. use dvd-roms to rip instead.


Are there no hacked bioses that unlock ripping speed?


No (one would regularly use a DVD BURNER for ripping)!


Well I have kind of the same problem as you. I have updated my firmware (1.57) so I can now rip at 12 speed rather than the original 4 speed and also use the Pioneer Quiet Drive Utility (a slight firmware hack using the A09 firmware if I remember correct). My problem is now that I can’t select anything but maximum in Alcohol 120%, which kindda sux when you want to create a mini image.


Ive got both pioneer A08 & liteon 52X cdr burner dvdrom combo and can select dvd ripping speed but rips at max in the pioneer.

But with the liteon combo i was able to limit the read speed to 2x with neros drivespeed prog.

What messageboards have people saying that they have done a 1.1 copy of chaos theory? Ive got the game as well and wouldnt mind trying it


I assume its cause they asked you to write game at 1x, just set it to 1x and pioneer will slow to 4x it still works, but you cannot cheat this game till dameontools 4 comes out the starforce build on it is a fooker, you need to dissable all eide roms and use a external usb drive to pass the disc check.

Its too much hastle, to search and downlaod all files needed inc starforcenightmare or starforcefucker.


i meant to type daemontools v4 :slight_smile:


Eh, wasn’t that the “trick” with that Sam Fisher game?!?!?! :smiley:


Yes they both mentioned trying to back up their legit SC Chaos Theorys


Thanks humeyboy, that was the part I’ve overseen. Man, that’s weird but true…