Pioneer 109 + RecordNow Max 4.5 = SUCCESS!

After spending the last 10 days suffering through software testing for the new Pioneer 109, some super-genius (flashman?) has hacked some older software that is tried and true; none other than RECORDNOW MAX 4.5 itself!

(This was originally posted in this thread here:
If I knew the webpage, rather than the file, I’d post it. Just passing along info in a new thread, afraid it’d be buried or unnoticed otherwise! This is too important!)

Use Sonic RecordNow Max 4.61 or Stomp RecordNow Max 4.5
If you use Sonic version you must copy unzipped DLL into “c:\windows\system32 folder”. For Stomp version, copy DLL into “c:\program files\stomp\RecordNow Max” folder. The download comes set to automatically unzip to “c:\program files\stomp\RecordNow Max”.

I tested a 4350+ MB disc (not a “backup” but one of my projects)
8x burns are now @ 8:00 (PRODISCF01)
4x burns are now @ 15:00 (MCC01RG20)

You can PICK YOUR BURN SPEED too, none of that MIN/MED/MAX stuff.

The buffer underrun NEVER kicked in. The only time the drive knee-jerked was at the speed change on the 8x disc, and it was only for 1-2 seconds.

The 4x burns seems to start out slow (maybe 3.5x?) but appears to pick up some speed by the time it ends. I’m only able to guess at this by watching the drive lights and RNM status bar. It may stick 4.0 the whole way. Not my thing, just glad it finished at a normal 4x burn time.

Prior to this, my unhappy experiences included:
RecordNow Max 6 (sort of worked)
Prassi ONES (sort of worked)
Nero (sort of worked)
BurnAtOnce (fail)
VSO CopyToDVD (fail)
DVD Decrypter (barfs on XBOX XISO, fine on “backups”)
NTI CD/DVD Maker (fail, horrible experience)
Alcohol 120% (fail, another bad experience)

It had been SO LONG since I had used RNM for DVD-Video that I had forgotten how to do it (spoiled on 2 years of Nero 5.5.10.x and Prassi PrimoDVD2 working perfect!). This guide jogged the old memory perfectly:

:bow: Thank you to whoever did this.

I can finally return to work and quit screwing around with testing stuff (software at least, I ALWAYS play with new media!).

And consider me a new member of the NERO SUCKS club!

Wicked news matey! So by using this I will not longer get the constant buffer fluctuations and write speed throttling?

where can i get a copy of recordnow 4.5? Does this only work with 4.5?

thanks chef… i tried googling it but came up with broken links…

I downloaded record Now 4.5 it and it won’t reconize my Pioneer 109? Any suggestions?

Did you read this first post in this page and follow the instructions?

Prior to this, my unhappy experiences included:
RecordNow Max 6 (sort of worked)
Prassi ONES (sort of worked)
Nero (sort of worked)
BurnAtOnce (fail)
VSO CopyToDVD (fail)
DVD Decrypter (barfs on XBOX XISO, fine on “backups”)
NTI CD/DVD Maker (fail, horrible experience)
Alcohol 120% (fail, another bad experience)

And consider me a new member of the NERO SUCKS club!

Clearly this is proof of ‘PIONEER SUCKS’ rather than ‘NERO SUCKS’, if anything.

I don’t think you fully understand what is going on with the pioneer dvr-109. Do you own one? The pioneer dvr-109 is too new so the software doesn’t recognize the drive properly. So that is why there are so many problems with the software.

Like it says in this post recordnow with the dll files to properly recognize the 109 works perfectly therefore software problem.

johnacash = Internet troll
As suggested, probably never used a 109 drive.
The drive is fine. NEW SOFTWARE SUCKS.
Using it with tried-and-true software yields excellent results.

Anyway, on to the reason I re-visited:

I just bought a BTC 1108IM drive as a reader drive for disc-to-disc.
My old LG ROM was dying it seems, so my RNM errors that I saw briefly are now over.
but RNM4.5 + 109 burner + good BTC burner (as reader) is a perfect dupe setup.

HDD to 109 is perfect, via RNM 4.5
as is disc-to-disc dupes, using BTC to 109, via RNM 4.5

I’m back in business.

Knock on wood.
Kiss the four leaf clover.
Snuggle the rabbit’s foot.
And cage the leprechaun.


Sounds good. :bigsmile:

BTW, who would install all that burning apps together like j-a-c did???

Hi. Just put back px507 dll as said in top of the post.
Now I can select the speed. But when I choose 2x speed It use 4x speed (selected speed: 2x Used speed: 4x). Is It impossible to write dvd-r in 2x speed with my pioneer 109 (my old pio 105 does It with the same dvd-r !).
Could someone help me ?


Read Pioneer’s Announcement, they made clear that the drive won’t support DVD-R burning slower than 4x for higher rated media.

And, it wouldn’t make sense.
Even for console “backups” - it’s only a MYTH.

The RNM4.5 work fine for me. :bow:
But I read that Nero work very nice for others too. :confused:
So I tried again with Nero 6606. :wink:
I take my ghost image and restore my computer with a clean installation, after I installed the Nero. Surprise NERO WORKS VERY FINE.!!! :iagree:

Yeah, that seems to be the key to success. :slight_smile:

Reformat my computer just for Nero? No thanks. I’ll pass.

yet the question still remains why Nero works fine on most systems [all 4 of my PCs for example] with the 109 and not fine at all on other PCs. i remain sceptical as to whether nero is totally to blame…more likely it is some other common cause related to system specs

Hello! I’ve got the 109 for a few days. I tried Nero first and it worked fine with my TDK DVD+RW. I checked the option to veify data integrity after recording and there was no error.
But then I tried to burn a DVD+R. There was no problem during the burning process (the bufer was always at 97%) but when Nero verified the disc, there were many bad sectors ont the disc.
Then I tried RecordNow Max 4.5. It still works fine with DVD+RW. I then burned a DVD+R and there was no error. THE DISC SEEMS TO WORK FINE, BUT HOW CAN I CHECK IT? I didn’t find the option there’s on Nero to verify data integrity. Does it exist on RecordNow? Or is there another independant software that can do this?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Hi Chris,

There are a few ways you can check your burnt disc to see if its okay.

Verify under RecordNow Max 4.5
Where you have copies, speed, there is a dropdown that has record displayed. Click on it, and choose Record and Verify. then make sure verify every round (default) is selected in the event your making more than one copy and want all copies to be tested

Find, files or folders
Use Windows built in file searching to scan each file. Enter . as the file type and anything long winded and random as search text (Such as ‘dfklsdflksdjflsdjfdf’) then tell it to scan your dvd drive for such files… (this is not the most reliable method of scanning as faults that are near the threshold of causing an error will not be detected nor will changes in files (it doesn’t verify contents with original content as such - for which if you don’t have subdirectories and are comparing say the video_ts folder you could use the command prompts FC (filecompare) feature in theory)

Kprobe Scan the disc
If you have a Liteon DVD burner use Kprobe and scan the disc - I use this method at work to ensure all data backups we do have a low error count and find it the most ‘re-assuring’ (but hey, thats just me)

CD-DVD Speed
Nero comes with CD-DVD Speed. I recall reading how someone said if you scan your disc (or benchmark it) and it shows a smooth increasing gradient line, then the disc is good. If the line starts to drop or become erratic it means that error correction is kicking in/the drive is having problems reading the disc so the disc then can be seen as questionable in quality/reliability.

Hope that helps.

Thanks bitbyter for your help.

I tried Nero CD/DVD speed and I’d like to post the result. How can I put an image here?