Pioneer 109, recently unable to burn audio cdr



in the last month or so, my dvdr 109 when buring audio cds keeps getting burn failed in all buring applications, and all the time fails around %50.

i have udma enabled, 80 wire ide, firmware 1.50 ,happed even with 1.40, and i even cross flashed with ao9 1.40 , stil the same.

i even brought the drive over to my 2nd pc , stil happens.

it is absolutely fine writing dvd’s and data cdr’s , just fails at 50% with audio.

i also tried a number of different discs.

no joy.

very strange situation, and i think im alone with this

hope someone can offer some ideas , because im right out of them.




So let me put this straight:

-You tried the same drive on another PC
-You tried different firmwares
-You tried different discs

So what’s left before declaring the drive defective?
Try another program or update your favorite one.

If this doesn’t help, sorry but you’ll have to return the drive… (don’t shoot the messenger…)

Cheers :slight_smile:


I’m having same issue, incompatability with some makes of cdr.

see here


Im returning my 109, i cant burn any CDR and i can complete a CDRW even though it does the same errors as a CDR, it jumps to 9% on track instead of idle at start of burn then it gets to 50% or 95% and gives me a failed msg then it continues to write a lead in/out even though its not nearly 100% and already told me its a failure.

I spoke to Pioneer and told them this drive is a POS and that the 108 was 10x better and i wont be buying another drive from them unless they launch drives fully working not try fix later with FW’s.

They said my drive was 1.17 FW out box and some of these had issues and cant be fixed with new FW and to RMA or return to shop, whatever is easiest.

Well i am sending it back to shop as i am getting a credit for it, so i can do without a dvd writer till 110 appears and put that credit towards the cost of it, i will not buy another pioneer if the 110 is as problematic out the box, as for the 108 i had, it was 1.06FW at time and it was perfect and it stayed that way all through newer FW’s legit and hacked.

I dont really care for CDR on the pioneer as i use my 52x teac combo but i need to sell it on when new units come out and i cant if its cant burn CDR 100%, i also will need go and check on some customers new builds i did for them that have 109’s, so its costing me time and hastle if they turn out to be 1.17 FW’s that cant burn CDR, hope there not in same batch as my POS.



You didn’t flash your 109 to 1.40, which Whalesick did… you’ re not sharing the same problem.
BTW Why on earth did you NOT flash your 109 to 1.40? I can’t understand this from a power user (considering the number of posts under your ID.) :confused:


“incompatability with some makes of cdr”

Neither is this the same problem as Whalesick. If you read his post well, he tried different discs with same results.

Concerning your problem, yes the 109 is more picky about CD-Rs than some other burners. But frankly, mine takes any reasonably good media I throw at it, and only has problems with very crappy media.


Yes i did, its been 1.17 / 1.40 and 1.40 crossflashed to A/09 and now thbis 1.50 beta crap, i just never mentioned it, as its fooked b4 i flashed to any new FW.

Im not saying my issues same, just the drive i got is fooked out the box for cdr and pioneer told me this, overall the 109 is a POS.

Nothing to do with media, it worked on previous roms and 108 so 109 should be same, ive wasted 30cdr diff makes to.


Sounds like it could be the CDR laser that knackered. Warranty claim ?


im getting the feeling it is a hardware issue, as in the alst month or so i have scoured the net for people having similar or same problems and found non, so it has to be a isolated hardware related issue.

il give microdirect a call tomorrow see what they say, and se if any have been returned under the same conditions.

than you guys for your replies, its also worrying that you lot are having problems of a different kind , i was convinced by reviews and people who had this drive that it was something to invest in.

give it credit tho, my dvd buring experiences have been flawless, and i do have a cdr writer too, but even that is not perfect at all, but at least it completes a cdr sessino at times, whereas my 109 never finishes.