Pioneer 109 problems with traxdata 8x DVD+R



Just had some TRAXDATA 8x DVD+R’s delivered from rambox & am quite frankly annoyed as hell. :frowning:

I bought these disks after reading a review that they could happily be burnt @ 12X using the pioneer 109 (unfortunatly i cant find the review i read or i would b givin them some nasty ass msg’s).

However starting on the 1.09 firmware moving up thru the 1.17 to the 1.40 firmwares, nero infotool & vso instector show the maximum burning speed as 4x (& only 2.4x using my optorite dd201 f/w 2.60) :confused:

As you can imagine this is DAMN annoying when you purchase ‘8X’ media & it wont burn on ur ‘16X’ drive above 4X :a

Just warning all you fellow unfortunate pioneer 109 owners out there against getting these disks.

Think i’ll b going for either Verbatim (16x) Full Face Printable DVD+R in Spindle Tubs of 50 (nearly double the price i paid for traxdata) or Taiyo Yuden (8x) Printable DVD+R in Heavy Duty Spindle Tubs of 100 (even more expencive :eek: ) from SVP Communications


Can you post the media ID?


sorry forgot that major info :o
nero inftool reports RITEK R03
vso instpector reports RITEK-R03-01

somewhat more confusing reading other forums / traxdata media tests as the 108 gave TRAXDATA DVD+R 8X RITEK R03 12X (time)7:00 as test results - surely this must b another flaw in what i believe to be a very poor firmware :sad:


Tycoon, tbh you should be sticking with -R when it comes to the pioneer line of burners, im using 8X Ritek G05 from Traxdata that will burn happily at 12x


problem is a lot of my family’s stand alond dvd players wont touch dvd-r’s :frowning:
how much i wish they would coz +r’s are costin me a lot more & seem 2b a LOT more hastle than the -r’s i burn for myself


Traxdata 8X +R (MID: RITEK-R03) burned with 8.40 FW (bitsetting to ROM) @8X:

I 09:26:55 Destination Device: [0:0:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109 8.40 (T:) (1394)
I 09:26:55 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: RITEK-R03-02) (Speeds: 4x; 6x; 8x)


looks like i may have to do some searchin to get that firmware on it - not happy with the official f/w - any tips on how i can get the 8.40 buffalo f/w on my 109 would b greatly appreciated


Download 8.40 FW and DVRUpdate 0.9 from and look for the smaller kernel and bigger firmware file. Flash those with the app.


Ritek R03-01 works at 4x only
Ritek-R03-02 works at 12x.

Revision 01 is very old, as production of that media was stopped the summer 2004 according to conrexx. You probably got some old stock.


I know nothing about rev. 01, but rev. 02 is good up to 8X speed with FW v. 8.40 as you can see above.


oh bugger - well i’ll never buy from rambox again - looks like i’m stuck with these slow ass pieces of carp :frowning: