Pioneer 109 Problems HELP!

I just bought the new 109 and have been having serious problems with it. Let me start by saying I have been working with dvdr for about 5 years. I had a Pioneer 103 when they came out and have upgraded to each new model.
Prior to my posting, I did a search and see several problems, but nothing like this. I am using the correct cables, and my DMA settings are all correct. I am using Decrypter and RecordNow with the same results.
This is the problem(s) I am having. My burns are very erratic. Sometimes I get a flawless burn, sometimes not. At times the burner will work it’s way up to 8x (Using Ritek G05 8x media) and continue that way until the end. Sometimes, it will work up to 8x, then at approximately 50% the speed will die out to 0.0x and sit there for about 10 seconds. It will then soar to 12.5x where it will continue the rest of the burn.
Now, as I said it is very erratic. Sometimes during both of those scenarios, the burn will be fine, however other times I will be left with the bottom dye being striped or have one single stripe. This creates rings in the dye where it seems the burn was skipped because the info burned on the dvd will lock up at that spot when played in a dvd player. While it would make sense that the ring would be created when it dips to 0.0x, it also occurs with there is no dip at all and burns at 8x for the duration.
I have included a pic of the bottom of the dvd. it is poor quality, but the ring is very clear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are you using the latest firmware 1.40?

I found it improved my 109 significantly.

if it were my 109 acting like that i would return it asap. my 109 has burned flawlessly since the time i installed it - with 109 FW too ! now using 140 A09XL FW and still burns flawlessly. used G05 no trouble. used it in a USB 2 case - no probs. it does seem there are some dud 109s out there. sounds like u got one.

These symptoms (where are “the problems”?) are down to unreliable and mixed quality media.

I use Ritek G05 media. Have been using Ritek for years.

I would think it is media related too. Ritek has not been good for a while now. First try different media before you return it. I read other places that people have been having problems with the 109 and Ritek.

I think the burning stops or slows because the 109 is trying to adjust the laser to compensate for the bad media.

Ritek media quality went down long ago.

It exactly happens what sweetnamja explained.