Pioneer 109 problems: CD-R burning and errors at the end for both CD & DVD

I recently bought a Pioneer 109 to replace an old Plextor CDWriter model. That cost me around £120 at the time so I liked the £45 price tag of the Pioneer - until of course I ran into my problems:

  1. In Nero I cannot burn audio CDs to the drive, it reverts to imagedrive instead all the time and Nero Express only allows MP3 discs not Audio discs.

  2. Using Recordnow max trial it will allow me to burn audio discs but I’ve tried 3 times on 1.17 firmware and 3 times on 1.40 firmware and each time at the end of the burn process it comes up with an error.

So so far I am unable to burn audio discs it would seem?

Okay, that is not my only problem - I try burning DVD+R discs that came with the drive. I transferred around 4.3GB on one disc, set to burn (in recordnowmaxtrial) and it worked fine.

Success I thought!

So I try the same again with same discs but different data, and this time it ends again on an error (this time about different data between verification). I was not pleased, and I checked the disc physically to see it had a kind of ‘laser like scorch’ mark around the inner circle in a sweeping arc movement. It was fairly thick [] but short. I also tried the disc in my other Pioneer DVD Rom drive and it read fine as far as I could tell.


So basically I haven’t been humbled by this drive, it’s not been a smooth ride and I’m not out of the woods. I’m a newbie to DVDs and burning them, and I just don’t what to do?

I would like not to end up with a drive that doesn’t work and now I’m not sure whether I can return because I flashed it’s bios to try and see if it fixed my problems :frowning:

Could the IDE cable be giving me data transfer problems by any chance? I bought an 80 wire one specially so that I could burn at top speed. It cost me very little.

I’d really appreciate some help! Thank you. :bow:

Sorry if you said but i cant see if you said if this drive is master on new 80core cable, if not MAKE it master please and use nero (newest)

Yes I put it as MASTER and I plugged it on the end socket of the 80 wire cable, then I put the DVD rom as SLAVE and plugged it in the middle socket and put the opposite end cable in the motherboard.

I will try the newest Nero now, but wouldn’t it of burned with Recordnowmax? I read on here it is better than Nero?

My cable is quite cheap - is that any bearing on whether it will be good enough or not? I only spent £4 GBP.

No for normal flat ribbons £2 is price aprrox here, Nothing is better than nero(only legally they wont copy protected movies, dont mean they cant)

Nero updates 1x per month as of new drives/FW for new drives and media, very hard to stay ontop of it all, but try all latest then you can say ok something else is wrong.

Thanks for the replies. Well I downloaded the latest NERO and in demo mode I was unable to burn an Audio CD again. Burning at track-at-once it kept eating up the read buffer, and then finally after that had gone the normal buffer dropped from 96% to 0% and the DVD kept spinning up and down. Maybe this is normal.

What I really need to know is where I stand with this DVD writer, which is hard for me to ascertain on my own as I have no idea of what I should be looking for :frowning:

It can’t be the discs can it? All of them have produced the same results with different songs and they worked brilliantly on my Plextor.

Okay I decided to try just a data CD this time, instead of Data DVD - of which I’ve had three successful DVD data discs, and only one bad one (but even then it still worked as far as I could tell).

It burned to 100%, but data verification failed on sector 74230.


What could be wrong do you think?