Pioneer 109 problem

I have problem with my pioneer 109 dvd firmware 1.58
It’s don’t work, but when i go in safe mode (Windows XP) everything is ok
What’s the problem?

your old 40-wire ribbon cable :wink:

Yes, most likely. The drive should run in UDMA4 mode.

The drive run in DMA mode.
I swich it in PIO mode.
Now it’s ok.


PIO mode > good luck counting the time…

UDMA4!!! DMA mode is not enough.

Master only.

When I play music on winamp,
sound [B]interrupt[/B].

What DMA does it show??
Pay special attention to post #2 :slight_smile:
having it as master or slave may not matter much

I was taste master, slave, primary, secondary, new firmware, new system — windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP1…Nothing

Should be operate in DMA mode, but then dvd don’t work.
In PIO mode work budly.
I will burning my computer and buy it new one. :slight_smile:

DMA is not enough, it must be UDMA4 (Ultra DMA Mode 4) - see screenshot below. You need to use 80-wire ribbon cable for this (the one at the bottom in the picture, the other one will not work). :slight_smile: