Pioneer 109 or NEC 3520 compatable with Prolific PL-3507 Enclosure?



I found this threads here like (this and this) hard to follow, so I feel that I must make a new thread to get the help I need:

Anyway I need to make a quick decision based on the two drives said below, I already bough an LG 4163B DVD Burner and had problems with the Vantec Nexstar 2 5.25" (Prolific PL-3507)

So which out of the drives listed below would be best to use with a Vantec Nexstar 2 without problem:
-Pioneer DVR-109
-NEC 3520

And if I were to flash the firmware of my prolific chipset (I wouldn’t prefer not to), how would I be able to tell if it’s a Revision A(No ICP ) or Revision B/C (With ICP)?

Thanks in advance!


i dun think lg4163b can hit 16x with prolific. at least for me.


My NEC 3520 works fine with the Prolific enclosure. I have flashed it to the latest firmware from the external enclosure thread. As far as knowing whether it is in circuit programmable or not, just try it. If it is revision A, it will not flash. I think it is labeled on the PL 3507 chip however.


I have just managed to flash the PL-3507 successfully to the latest. Don’t have to worry about compatability issues due to old firmware when making your responses :smiley:

Thanks for both of your responses above, they are helpful, if there is any furthur advice that you or someone else can offer that would be great