Pioneer 109 OEM Fireware update problem


I recently got the 109 OEM and found the new firmware the pioneer site and downloaded it, but when I try to install it all I get is an error about.

Available Target Not Found.

My writer is installed and showing up in windows and has the 1.17 firmware currently on.

Any help would be appreciated.


better off flashing to an a09 anyway.

Or you have the wrong firmware, double check

I had similar problems. Ended up going here for the proper firmware.,,2076_4273_128163990,00.html
Caution Read all the dialog boxes carefully.
The story…
Made sure that I had the proper firmware. As cautioned
“using the wrong firmware will remove all the fun out of life”
I have the canadian version of the dvr. So naturally I went to the cdn site for support.
Nothing apparently they dont sell this version AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh.
Even thou on the manual for the drive it says “canadian model”
Got the american version. Flashed it. I went from ver. 1.13 to ver 1.13.
Did it again. Lost more fun out of my life.
Any way found the url above downloaded the exact same file.
But this time it worked. “reflashing now…”
Got ver 1.40
One thing I didn’t like was it prompted me to flash all the drives.
That would really take the fun out of my day.
Have not had a chance to burn on new rev yet thou.
Hope this helps.

Well deserved nick :bigsmile:

The country doesn’t matter, but if you take the wrong unit it give you this error here’s both info page with firmware download at the bottom.