Pioneer 109 No X-Box Dual Layer Backups?



Hello Guys,

i just got my new Pio 109 today and first i have to say a big thx to lordsmurf for his information about RNM 4.5. !

I was reading that the Dual Layer option is available only on the newer versions of Record Now Max. Is that right or does RNM 4.5 with the new px engine update supports DL too ? - i cant imagine

i m just confused… i ll send back my pio if DL writing doesnt work with 4.5 cause really it would be a waste of money if Dual Layer Discs wouldnt work proper on X-Box (Movies and Games). I had a Pio A06 before and it burned still all just fine. If i can use only RNM 4.5 and cant find a solution how 2 backup DL discs, so i really dont want this burner.

and its not only the incompatibility issue with the xbox drive, just others reported about probs with some others drives like the liteon one or sum stand alone players too.

tried out the newest Nero Update with DVD-DL Support but those discs still doesnt work on my xbox. it shows always “unknown disc”.

or does the new Record Now 7.2 with DL support works 4 xbox too ?

as i understood right only 4.5 and 4.61 works proper with the pio 109.

i also burned a dvd movie on a ridisc g05 on 8x speed and after successfull burning i found out that on the middle of the disc is a darker ring wich is about 1 mm sized from inside to outside ( i DONT mean the problem wich lordsmurf shown on his pictures with bad and good burn).

as i remember rightly any other guy on this forum posted about those probs 2.
is that a generally issue of nero in combination with the pio 109 or does this happens on RNM copys too ?

thx 4 helping me out guys !


When you burn a disc that DOES work on your xbox is it a +R or a -R? If you’re using -R for regular burns, but then +R DL for double layer burns, you might find that your xbox doesn’t read +R type discs.

Also, be sure you change your bittsetting in whatever you’re burning to DVD-ROM if that is possible on the 109, can’t remember if it is. anyone?


right electrox,

+R doesnt work on my xbox.

thats why i bought the pio 109 wich does support burning DL MINUS DVD so that i m saved for the future. and the new Nero update supports DVD-DL and of course DVD+DL. the minus feature since

it just fucks me off that i bought a DL burner wich cant burn prober compatible xbox dvd´s - or just only with the old RNM 4.5 wich doesnt support DL writing.


Direct your anger towards shitty modern day software, not the Pioneer burner. As we can see on older software, the burner is solid. Ahead and Sonic need to pull their head out of their ass and fix RecordNow 7 and Nero 6


Yeah i they ll do it soon !

going to check out RNM 4.5 now and hope those dark rings ll be history !


RNM 4,5 works but these black rings (one in the middle of ech dvd) on the backside are still there :frowning:

my old pio a06 haven´t such problems.

dont know but it seems that this is not a good sign.

u can see these rings only when you hold the dye towards the ray of light. all dvds burned with the a06 have not such rings.



just chekced out to burn the ridata g05 discs on 4x and the burner burned the discs flawless.

no more gaps/black rings anymore :slight_smile:

i think i ll keep on the pio 109 cuz when i read the good burning results here on this board i think its just the best solutions.

ok no possibility yet to burn DL compatible xbox discs but…

give the pio a chance !

a new, even better firmware and some updates for RNM 7.21 and Nero 6 and this writer could climb 2 the top of the notch :slight_smile:

just one i ve 2 say. i just checked out RNM 7.21 with the newest px engine (released august 2004 - its a joke of bad support) and burned just my ridata on 12x but it also doesnt work on xbox.

but when i see how RNM 4.5 backups run fine on xbox so it CANT be any bad hardware issues with this model !

Now i m going to check out some other media types.


Just so you know, the Xbox is compatible with +R media only if it has a booktype of DVD-ROM. But that’s based on Xbox machines with the Samsung drive. I’ve used +R and +R DL on my Samsung Xbox which were burned with my Pioneer 108 w/Piodata firmware. The 109 to my knowledge bitsets +R DL to DVD-ROM booktype, so it should work on the Xbox.


hi eluder,

it doesnt work on my xbox with sammy drive. just checked out one burnt movie and it appears : unknown disc.


Then it’s possible that the 109 does not bitset +R DL media to DVD-ROM. That or it’s just another one of the 109’s issues. I’m glad I didn’t sell my 108 to get the 109 yet as I would be pretty pissed. It seems Pioneer rushed the release of this drive to me.

Just wanted to say that I burn all my Xbox games with DVD decrpyter, Nero has problems writing the Lead Out with Xbox ISOs. I use Qwix to create my Xbox ISOs.


I highly doubt that.


Then I guess it just does a bad job of burning the media…


u understood everything eluder !

i m glad too that i have my good olde 106 left here 2. as more i see pissed peoples on all forums around conc the 109 as more it seems that pioneer isnt interested in fixing their products… maybe the reason is that its not fixeable !? only the wind knows

soz guyz but after 3 days i cant stop blaming this drive and i have my reasons for it !


i thot we all know that pioneer 109/a09 does not support bitsetting?
(except the rebadged buffalo DVM-RDM model in japan?)

so far only DL+9 media will be booktyped to dvdrom


If you give the info what brand of DL media you have burnt I can give you the answer.
I think it was no VERBATIM DL media at all.


On my DVR-108 I burned a Verbatim 2.4x +RDL media @ 4x using the original Pioneer 1.18 firmware.


What has that to do with this thread at all??

It’s about the 109, not the 108! The 108 is a different drive with different hardware etc.

So you never burnt a DL with the 109 but only do guessing. Nothing you can count on really, IMHO.


Uhh, you’re the one that basically asked me what I burned. We have basically shown that in most cases, the DVR-109 is a much weaker burner than the DVR-108, right now, which is dissappointing for its owners.


I thought it were clear to anyone that the 108 is a different drive with different hardware compared to the 109.
You seem to think you can mix them up. I don’t think that is useful.

Oh well.


No, my point is that Pioneer dropped the ball on this unit. They should have released a unit that could at least perform as well as the 108 does, w/new features and perfected the new features with firmware. Not release product that performs sub-par to the 108 in almost every aspect.