Pioneer 109, Nero CD/DVD Read Speed Results




I am having problems with, Read results in my 109,
Do people have some time, to try their own 109, and post results up here?

On my particular 109 , I am unable to read a DVD that it has burnt in a smooth linear upward graph.

50% through, the speed will drop to about x2 to x3, which is purely unacceptable. and this speed does not increase at all, throughout the whole 50% to 100% of the remaining DVD.

It takes me roughly about 20minutes to successfully copy the contents of any DVD-R or DVD+R.

I have tried the following media:
-R Riteks G05 x8
+R Riteks R02 x8
-R Verbatim MCC x8

All of these produced bad read result.
Verbatim dropped in speed at 10%.

And yes, my drive does have a 80pin IDE cable, and its the master by itself on channel 2 of my mobo.

A DVD-Rom, read’s fine, all the way to x16 speed.

What is wrong?

I seriously need help!

PS:1.40 Firmware Already
Disc burnt with 109, reads fine with a LiteOn DVDRom, however only up to x10, with a super smooth upward curve


Mobo IDE drivers and/or IAA installed?


yep, running at DMA4, on an AMD machine and an Intel p4 machine,
both similiar


I would use the m$ IDE drivers, or at least try them.


i am using M$ IDE already…


have you tried an “official” disk? by which i mean a dvd video disc or something simalar? that way ull get a clearer picture if its your media or the drive.